Monday, August 19, 2013

NARS Fall 2013...

Why oh why??? Why so many goodies???

For Fall NARS is putting out some pretty nice items. I had, on one of my recent Beauty Envies post, the Peloponnese lipstick but after seeing it I decided it wasn't for me. It was a little to beige and so wouldn't have done much for my complexion.

With these, it's a different story...

Top, Ride Up to he Moon Eyeshadow Palette
Bottom, Fairy's Kiss Eyeshadow Palette 
$45,00 each

These Eyeshadow Palettes I haven't seen yet and so I can't comment on the textures or finish of each shades. I don't know if both Sephora and The Bay will carry them either. Sometimes one will have special editions the other won't. What I will say is that I find the prices quite fair for what you're getting and from the swatches I've seen online, my preference goes to Fairy's Kiss.

Top, Soulshine Cheek Palette
Bottom, Realm of Senses Cheek Palette
$46,00 each.

What can I say except that I want them both! The colors here don't do justice to these cheek palettes. They are at Sephora and I've had the chance to swatch them. Both to pack quite a bit of shimmer and sparkle but remain versatile. One could say that Realm of Senses is a more on the peachy side but Soulshine can give somewhat a similar finish. It all depends on how you swipe your brush. What's nice about these palettes which by the way are the same size as this Summer's Pierre Hardy blushes, is that it is possible to use one, two or all the colors at once.

I was honestly impressed with these two. Why didn't I purchase one? Well I needed an everyday blush, reason why I went for Guerlain's Madame Rougit. These, with their shimmering quality would be more for evening and weekend, also the holidays. In fact, these would have been great for summer. So you see, good to have in one's collection. The price, for this type of palette, reasonable if you ask me. Yes, I do want both!

Top, Adult Content Blush Palette
Bottom, Killing Me Softly Blush Palette
$49,00 USD

Ok maybe I'll want one of these instead! Similar to Foreplay which is still available through Sephora's website, these are a little more seasonal. The price for it was $58,00 CAD so let's hope the price this time will be closer to the USD price. They include top sellers of the brand.

Adult Content: Zen, Miss Liberty, Deep Throat & Desire
Killing Me Softly: Gilda, Albatros, Orgasm & Outlaw

Decisions, decisions...

New Radiant Cream Compact Foundation
Refils, $38,00
Compact shown, $10,00

Said to brilliantly even skin with a lightweight, luminous finish. It can be applied wet or dry and blended to achieve a weightless medium buildable coverage. This new foundation comes in 20 different shades. Now this is a step up from all the BBs and CCs we've seen recently with their two or three colors offerings. It would appear that some companies are getting lazy for color development but it's not the case here with NARS. I love compact foundations and so I'll probably have a closer look at this one. Since I wasn't looking for this I didn't notice if it was in stores but it's available now through NARS website.

NARS Eye Paints
$26,00 USD

This is pretty exciting! These 10 new gel/cream pots can be used as eye shadows or as liners and can be paired with the new angle brush NARS is launching along with these. Some of the colors have shimmer but others appear to be matte and those could be interesting to use as liners. There's an olive green called Mozambique that I will surely have a closer look at. Hopefully they won't be more than $30,00 CAD.

Now of course there are some single eye shadows, lipsticks, crayons and nail polishes coming out as well, in fact they're already available at Sephora where I was able to swatch Peloponnese. You can view these on NARS' website, here.


As I've said, the Cheek Palettes are available now at Sephora, the Eyeshadow palettes are available now on NARS' website. The other goodies, well they are all scheduled to be launched in September and as to know exactly where you'll be able to get them, Sephora or The Bay or

Here's a nice gift with purchase from NARS...

This is an online offer. Nice, considering the makeup bag goes for $55,00 alone!
Exclusive to NARS website, enter code 3MINIS at checkout.

So, what will you be having a closer look at?

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