Thursday, March 22, 2012

Body Oils

Another way to keep your skin moisturized & comfortable

Some of you may remember a television commercial from the late 70's, early 80's, in which Johnson's & Johnson's Baby oil was used on wet skin at the end of the shower to help keep skin moisturized. This is something I did for years. It's the fastest way, in the morning, to get soft dewy skin.

I've recently rediscovered this and wonder why on earth did I ever stop. When you have to take your shower at 5:00 am, you don't necessarily feel like taking the time to apply a body lotion & then wait for it to penetrate. Using oil on wet skin & then pat dry is fast, effective & probably saves a good 10 minutes in the morning. In my case anyway.

Long ago, when I did this, I used plain baby oil, the scented one and then for a while, I used Neutrogena Sesame Body oil which is lighter and just lovely. Unfortunately, when I started using oil again recently, I wasn’t able to find any. It should be available in Canada since it's shown on their website. These days I use unscented baby oil which is in fact plain mineral oil. It's super inexpensive and does what I want it to do, which is keep my skin moisturize for the day. A word of caution, when using oil in the shower, just make sure not to spill any. The bottom of the tub, or shower, can get very slippery.

Next time you go to the grocery store you may consider one of these options for body moisture. My favorite is plain coconut oil, especially in the summer. Since it's in solid form, I take about a tablespoon of it & warm it with my hands. Sadly, the lovely smell doesn’t last but thankfully the the moisture does. Coconut oil is easily found at health food stores. Some like using extra virgin olive oil. It is very rich and high in antioxydants but I personally prefer to cook with it and have it on my salads. Even if it's very effective and quite popular and in fact has been used for thousands of years for that purpose, but I'm not a fan of the smell on me. Safflower oil is another excellent option to help to replenish loss of moisture in the skin with it's high linoleic acid content.

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