About Moi

My name is Hélène, ex beauty insider, I used to be a makeup artist a long, long time ago as well as a national beauty advisor for a major cosmetic company. There came a point in my life where I realised that my passion for beauty was still quite strong even though I wasn't in the industry anymore and hadn't been for quite some time. I figured why not write a blog? Now I regret not having done so sooner. I'm French speaking and sometimes I find it arduous to artfully put words together but I do believe I've improved quite a bit since I first started. Once in a while I go back on those first posts and I must say I'm pleased with my progress.

I live in Montreal with my daughter, our dog Julius and our cat, Fifi. After a short illness of barely five months, I lost my husband, my daughter's father. Needless to say it was a great shock and we are still trying to do our best to deal with the emptiness. For our girl I've recently created a special blog tag, Catherine, because once in a while I write entries that are memory related. Those are for her, for when she wants to read about her parents. We still have a few "firsts" to go through since he left us on March 21st 2013. Not a year yet but not to worry, this is not a mourning blog.

All the products reviewed so far were purchased by me and so the opinions are my own.

If you are curious about the name Icaria and my choices of images you can read about them, here and here. Just know that I'm a history and especially art history addict.

I also write a Food Blog, this one especially for Catherine. I figured instead of transferring our favorite recipes to the computer it could be fun for her to have access to them from anywhere. There are only a few posts so far but I should be able to get back to writing down at least one weekly recipe soon. Since new entries are less frequent, I suggest you subscribe to it so you won't miss anything.

Icaria's Food Blog (isn't it an original name?) can be seen here: http://icariasfoodblog.wordpress.com/

As soon as I can figure out how to set it up I will add a "Contact" tab.

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