Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy & MUA Withdrawal Symptoms

Oh the horror!!!

MakeupAlley has been down for more than 24 hours! Trying to log on to MUA you land on a temporary chat board with the title Temporary outage due to Sandy. There are also messages posted on MUA's facebook page.

What are the symptoms of "MUA Withdrawal? They are so numerous I can't list them all but I thought these would give you a good idea:

  • Drinking more coffee.
  • Staring blankly at the computer screen.
  • Roaming through the house in search of something to do.
  • Actually working during working hours.
  • You notice the walls have to be repainted.
  • Your youngest now dresses herself on her own.

On the temporary board and CNN as I mention in a comment below, it was said that it could take as much as 3 days for the site to be back online.

3 days???

I'm sure upon reading this some especially café regulars, started shaking uncontrollably! Some may even have to start considering going into rehab!

Tonight is a full moon!!! Tomorrow night is Halloween!!!

Not good people, just not good!

Or is it?

For many on the East Coast, Sandy was devastating. The lost lives, the damages, the destruction. Can you go on without MUA for a few days? Definitely yes!

Again, my heart goes out to all the ones affected by Sandy.

Full moon picture from nikonites.com


  1. Where in NY MUA is located? do you know?
    It may take longer than three days.

  2. Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe it's in NYC & you may be right, it could take longer than 3 days. My estimation was based on what I heard yesterday on CNN.

  3. I think it was working little bit today and down again now. Not sure what's going on.

  4. Oh I missed it! I have the phone number of a friend in a pm that I didn't write down not thinking that something like this could happen. I'm quite sure they're working on it. They're probably quite anxious to see everything get back to normal.


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