Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The PowderPuff Girl Question, N° 8...

Nail color on your toes in winter? 

I know, I know, most of us have now put our feet in hibernation for it seems that as soon as we have to start wearing socks we give up on them!

This year I've decided to try to keep my feet in good shape and this will include not only a weekly pampering session but nail color! ... We'll see how long I keep it up! :)

For the past month I'd been wearing Dior Massaï, a beautiful darkish red and I almost went with it again last night but then I stopped myself and texted Mr J! I was curious to see if he would have an opinion and I gave him three options: Dior Massaï #853, Chanel Taboo #583 and Essie Cashmere Bathrobe! Ok so I didn't give him the names for they would have meant nothing to him. I simply wrote: dark red, dark purple (although I did mention it was called Taboo to see if he would bite) and dark grey. To my surprise he answered dark grey, the one I least expected. 

Toe nails now have Cashmere Bathrobe on! Do excuse the quality of the picture, the sun has been a no show for a while and this is poor indoor lighting. In real life they all are a smidgen darker.

Oh and Mr J did thank me for asking! How sweet is that?

So, do you keep on pampering your feet in winter and if you do apply color, how do you go about in choosing which one it will be?

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