Monday, January 16, 2012

High End Skin Care vs Drugstores & DIY

After being a member on a very popular website about skin care for almost a year now, I've decided or must I say, I was encouraged to start my own blog. In the past, I've worked in the cosmetic industry for several years. I was a makeup artist & a national beauty advisor for a major cosmetic corporation. Even if I chose to leave that line of work, I always kept an interest for skin care & of course, makeup.

It was brought to my attention that not many Canadians do this. All the information we get comes from foreign websites, several of wich are excellent & others just plain stupid. Makeup Alley's Skin Care Board is probably one of the best discussion group about skin care out there. The only thing is that often the good information gets lost in longish discussions that are sometimes hard to follow. The other that is very informative is Beauté-Test. The problem with this one is that it's in french. It's very likely that I will refer to it often.

In Canada we have to deal with extreme weather. From incredibly hot & humid in the summer to siberian colds in the winter. Those changes can make our skin go crazy. We need a lot of stuff! Or do we?

Unlike our neighbors to the south, online purshases are not quite our thing. There are instances when we don't have any other choice, but, it's nice to be able to find what we need either at the drugstore or department store. What I will try to do, is whenever I mention a specific product, is give the information about where the product is available.

Please send comments & suggestions. This will only help the reviews get better & better.



  1. Sounds like a decent plan, but I'd only say where you can get the products if google results aren't clear & obvious. Otherwise you'd be browsing FOR them (lazy hahaha):D
    You get me as a reader for sure ;)


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