Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oils & Ingredients List Project

As I've been learning a lot about oils and ingredients in the past year, I thought I would indulge myself and make a list of my favorites and of the most popular ones. More often than not, when you search on the web for a specific oil or ingredient, you end up with many links loaded with so much information and so many claims that it's often hard to figure out what it all means. Plus, some of those sites are there to sell you products so of course, they will tell you what you want to hear to make sure you purchase from them.

Garden of Wisdom, a popular US seller of raw ingredients and skincare, has a nice Oils List info but it's very succinct. I personally need a bit more that that. Another source, Beautypedia with its Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary, as either too much or too little. I guess it depends on the interests of Paula Begoun. I can't say that I'm always in agreement with either her reviews on products or even some of the information about ingredients. Still, it can be a good place to start, since in some cases the descriptions are quite elaborate. Wikipedia also has an extensive list of vegetable oils with links for extra information about each. The problem is that in some cases the information gets a bit too scientific and becomes boring.

I will be adding to this list regularly since I won't be writing it in one go. I will also include historical bits. Sorry but that's my main reason for doing this. I wanted to concentrate the information that interests me in one place. You can simply scroll down to the paragraphs that call out to you. Also know that this list with the information it contains or will contain, is far from being a novelty. I personally wanted to know more and wanted to share this new or in some cases not so new, acquired knowledge. Again, this should include the
popular oils and natural ingredients so there are many that I will not mention.

I will separate the lists, one for oils and one for ingredients which will be, for the most part of natural origins. I can only hope that some of you will find in it informative elements. 

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