Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just a quick word...

There will be no new entry for the next few days.

My soul mate is very sick and in the hospital. Our friends, family, our daughter and I are hoping for him to get strong enough so he can get an organ transplant.

Please keep us in your prayers and do know that if you leave comments I may not be able to answer back.

Thank you for your understanding and hopefully Icaria will be back soon!

xoxo to all, Catherine & Hélène

PS: I will update this entry as we get more news.

Mon conjoint, le papa de Catherine est présentement hospitalisé et nous espérons qu'il reprendra suffisamment de forces pour une transplantation.

Merci de nous envoyer de bonnes énergies.

xoxo Catherine & Hélène


According to the information I received yesterday, he may get transferred today to another hospital for evaluation.

D'après des informations reçues hier, il est probable qu'il soit transféré aujourd'hui à l'hôpital St-Luc pour évaluation.


He's stable and finally got a real bed after 6 days spent in the emergency ward. No transfer for now, I haven't been able to talk with any doctor so I have no idea if there will be a transfer soon.

Il est maintenant stable et a finalement obtenu un vrai lit après avoir passé 6 jours à l'urgence. Je n'ai parlé à aucun médecin et j'ignore donc si le transfer aura lieu sou peu.

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