Friday, August 31, 2012

The End of Summer

Can you feel it? Even though the weather is still gloriously beautiful, it's more than obvious, Summer will soon be replaced by Fall. Just a few more weeks and some of us will have to bring in the patio furniture, prepare the yard for winter.....

Soon we will start to think about more moisturizing cleansers and creams. Some of us will start wearing foundation again.... Heavier fragrances will replace those light spritz we've been enjoying so much. Socks, stockings.... Oh how I wish I could live where those are unnecessary! Although I must admit that last year I didn't start wearing them before November. Hopefully we will enjoy a similar Fall and another beautiful mild Winter with little snow.

So lets get out there and enjoy those last t-shirts and flip-flop days!

I'll be going to the market for fresh vegetables and some of the last berries of the season. Since the forecast calls for a beautiful warm weekend, a fresh tall glass of lemonade will be the perfect complement.

Quite a treat for Labour Day Weekend!
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