Saturday, August 4, 2012

LUSH Eyes Right Mascara is a Winner!

 I wasn't expecting to post again about this mascara so soon but it was a must after the day I just had!

We went to visit some family this afternoon and so I figured, let's give this mascara a try. Outside, with the humidity factor the temperature felt like 44C. and by 5:00 pm it still felt like 39o C.! It's a good thing I don't wear foundation, in fact I rarely do. It would have totally melted! Sweat was practically coming down on the sides of my face! Yuck!

So, I applied 3 coats total of the Eyes Right Mascara, waiting for it to dry between each. It went on smoothly with no clumps. The only thing that annoyed me was the brush which I find a bit short. Once the mascara was set, I proceeded to my torture chamber to curl my lashes. No I don't have a special room for this, it's just my bathroom.

In order for my lashes to stay curled, I have to not only use a lash curler but have to heat it with the blow dryer. If I don't, they end up pointing downwards after just few minutes. Sad but hey are very stubborn!



Curled lashes

Ok now my lashes didn't exactly end up looking like this but, they kept the curl a good 7 hours in crazy hot humid temperature and a horrible dinner at a buffet like restaurant! Who cares about the bad food, my lashes stayed curled and for me it's just fantastic! No melting, it stayed put! I used a mild foam tonight to cleanse my face and the mascara came off easily. Nice that I didn't have to go for my micellar water to remove any residue.

Do I recommend it? Oh yes! More expensive than drugstores options, I must say that none I've tried so far ever did a good job, it's in the low range of department stores and the price not so bad. At $18.95 I find it a fair price for what it does for me. Dark black, no clump, keeps the curl and comes off easily! 

I can't ask for more except maybe for some antacids to help digest the oily calamari and unrecognisable fried  food I had to sample tonight. My stomach is not happy! :(

Good thing I have some of those!

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