Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Year...

Thank you!

Thank you my lovely bloguerette friends and thank you for all you "clickers" out there who have kept an eye on Icaria's this past week!

On march 21st 2013, at 12:05 am to be exact, André left Catherine and me for the Angel world, one year ago.

One year ago today I posted this... here.

Last Sunday I was starting to feel a heaviness, an extra weight on my shoulders and I just knew that I had to step away. Out of respect for my Love, out of respect for the father of my daughter I just had to step away from the subject of beauty and didn't want to burden anyone with my sadness. As it turned out, the week wasn't that hard to get through and on both Thursday and Friday I was able to go to work. For that I have to thank the two co-workers who were stuck in a room with me and who kindly gave me without knowing, the strength not to crack.

The pain is still raw and I miss him every single moment of every day but André left me the best part of himself in our girl Catherine, who has remained unbeknownst to her, my rock! She has been just "freakin' amazing" this past year and I truly feel that upon leaving us, her father has transferred some of his strength to her. She's now 14 and so mature and wise for her age it still surprises me, even more so today than in the first months when we were alone together. We have grown incredibly close to my great delight, closer than I ever thought possible for she was a daddy's girl, a real one! It would seem that she's moved on but with grace, determination and a knowledge of where she came from. She knows who her father was and wants to emulate him. Of this I'm glad! His character, his values were golden!

Again thank you! Thank you for your support and thank you my bloguerette (and non bloguerette) friends for your gracious comments and words of support last week, your open arms have warmed my heart but mostly, have made me felt not so alone.

Before Icaria's goes back to it's regular programing there is this...

For some reason these past few days this song, The Wind Beneath My Wings has been constantly in my mind just like The Wonder of You was last year at this time. It's a song both André and I loved but like Elvis' number, weren't fanatic about. The message is clear, he was my Hero!

Life ain't fair for some of us but we just have to go on and do the best we can. I've done that and I've realised I'm way stronger than I thought. I woke up one morning with nothing but was able to go on...

Merci Mon'Amour pour la douce brise!

Hélène xoxo

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