Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brad Pitt for Chanel No 5, what is the appeal?

What a disappointment! I read somewhere Brad Pitt got $7.000.000 for being Chanel No 5's spokesperson! They could have gone so many different directions. So many options with the novelty of having a man to promote this beautiful fragrance. Hopefully there will be more. This is just not cutting it.


Last night I posted the commercial but today I took my time to really have a look at it. Come on! Are you serious? Somehow I bet he looks more "romantic" when he gets up in the morning and don't let me start about his reading! Seems he's talking to a piece of wood!

Which reminds me of a Katie Melua song If You Where a Sailboat, where she said: "If you where a piece of wood I'd nail you to the floor." My husband loves that song and I must admit, she was much more convincing!

Of course it was talked about on MUA:

Reading this I couldn't resist looking up the Charles Bronson's commercial and I must admit, it IS better!

Brad Pitt's commercial is such a let down! Geez! I never thought that writing a "beauty" blog I would be writing about ...Brad Pitt. I don't have anything against him but, it's just, hmm, unusual!

Katie Melua, If You Where a Sailboat

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