Friday, October 12, 2012

Cargo Mascara & SmokeyEye Eye liner Duo in Budapest

Buying cosmetics at Winners can be a risky thing. Often outdated, you have to be vigilant and whenever possible, keep an eye on the expiration dates. That's of course when there is one.

Last week I purchased the Cargo SmokeyEye kit for $14.99. 
SmokeyEye Eye Liner Duo in Budapest, Cargo 3 Triple action Mascara and the SmokeyEye brush.

The compact has a nice sleek presentation and closes quite tightly to help keep the liner from drying. This is overstock so obviously it's been sitting somewhere for a while since I do believe it came out sometime last year. I used the liner with a M.A.C. slanted eyeliner brush. Now don't ask me the number, I've had it for ages. It goes on nicely, not too dark and is buildable. My take is that it may have dried a bit already but I don't mind, I prefer this to a super dark line on the first stroke. Not quite black, a very dark grey. That too is something that pleases me. True black would look too harsh on me. 

Staying power, well, I have deep set eyes and so a bit of it transferred to my upper lid. Then again, I haven't been able to find an eyeliner to not do so, yet. If you don't have this problem I believe you will like it. 

The dark sparkly grey that comes with the liner, not for me. Too shiny for daytime, for night it could be used to help set the liner but I'm not sure I'll even try it. 

The SmokeyEye brush, very nice. Ergonomic, it's easy to hold. Good for smugging but I would not use it for regular eye shadow application.

The mascara, a deep black, went on easily and I needed only two coats to get nice looking lashes. Using my trick of the hair dryer with my lash curler, the curl stayed a good 5 hours. No lumps so that's great.

So, considering that the Eye Liner Duo goes for $32.00 and the mascara for $20.00, this kit at $14.99 is truly a steel. Not even the price of the mascara.

I love it when I find a good deal! Off for a glass of lemonade!

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