Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unpleasant Trollishness!

Why is it some people seem to have unpleasantness anchored deep inside of them? 

On MUA we get the occasional trolls here and there. Most of the time they are "flagged" off the board and their profiles are erased either by them or the moderators of the site. 

Depending on the time or year, "eager newish members" pop up. All excited to participate, give their opinions and their recommendations, they jump in going from one thread to the next. They get offended when told the information they're giving is inaccurate. Some disappear while others stick around. Some love to argue and push buttons in order to create drama on which they seem to feed. Fortunately most of them eventually crash and burn on their own. We have seen quite a few frustrated melt downs.

If only they could all disappear this way!

Unfortunately, some stick around....

Case and point, well follow the time stamps of the thread below. Find the Troll! Easy, she's the one attacking two long time members who between them have helped a countless number of people. Like other long time regulars, they are favorite targets or this person.

She waits for threads to get a day or so old to come back with other insults. Sometimes she simply wants to appear superior, better behaved than others like in this example below.

Keep in mind that people on MUA are not paid to give advice. They do so simply because they, for the most part, like to exchange and share their experiences. I'm just so thankful for those regulars from whom I've learned so much in the past year. Of course, they don't know everything, they too continue learning. This is, I believe, the reason for which they stick around.

So what if once in a while some have fun?

As for the avocado joke, I plead guilty! Buying them in Montréal is often an act of faith so when I can get my hands on good ripe ones, I'd much rather eat them then put them on my face. Oh and no, I don't eat them with chips as mentioned but with a spoon. I simply cut them in two, remove the stone and enjoy the beautiful green colored flesh, just like that. No need to put anything on them.

Now if only I could put my hands on one...


  1. Oh for God's sake.. must be the season for trolls once again.
    I like the new polished site ;)

  2. Seems some periods are worse than others. It's just sad when it gets personnal. Glad you like the new look! :D


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