Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dior Hydra Life BB Crème Enhancing Moisturizer...

Getting ready for warmer days... I hope they come quick because I'm really tired of wearing a heavy coat and socks!!! Oh how I hate socks!

Warmer days mean I have to lighten my makeup choices and the Marcelle CC cream I was using this winter would not do and neither did the Clinique CC I tried recently. Since I returned the latter I had to find something else at Sephora and the options were not that many mainly due to the color options. I wanted an alphabet creme simply because I just fell in love with the one step go to concept in the morning. I don't care about the name they're given as long as they do the job.

Dior Hydra Life BB Crème Enhancing Moisturizer For Immediate Beauty SPF 30 - PA+++* ...

Here we go with another super long name to describe a tinted moisturizer with SPF!

It comes in only three shades, 01 Luminous Beige, 02 Golden Peach and 03 Sunny Amber. I chose the lightest color and although it's a little too warm for my complexion at the moment I know that in a month it'll be just fine. I can't remember where I read this, who wrote it but truly, companies seem to enjoy giving us few color options when it comes to BB and CC creams. It's like they're getting lazy and expect that these few options will suit all skin tones. Not!

The packaging is just plain perfect! As much as I disliked Marcelle's CC container for the fact that I couldn't see how much product was left I did like it for the pump. I loved my tube of Estée Lauder reviewed here, because I was able to get pretty much every last bits of cream from it. Here Dior offers us the best of both, a tube with a pump that gives the perfect amount of product for one application.

The formula...

It doesn't have that cake icing texture many BB creams have, more "liquidy" than most I've tried I'm surprised at how well it covers. It's not full coverage per say but it's just enough (Lordy I do hope I'm making sense here!). It blends in easily and is much faster to smooth on with a sponge than Marcelle CC was but then again it is slightly less moisturizing. It dries quickly and although I thought at first the finish was too matte it turns out to be a good base and a light dusting of either Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Dim or Radiant or Guerlain Crazy Météorites make my skin look almost flawless, almost! The shine on my nose... doesn't show up until mid afternoon!

The proof...

This past week I had a weird sleeping pattern and felt super tired but a co-worker told me on Friday it didn't show one bit and that I looked well rested!!! Oh the joys of good makeup!!! :)

The claims...

Hydra Life BB Crème combines the moisturizing and protective powers of a skincare product with the immediate complexion-enhancing and even-toning properties of a foundation. The complexion is left moisturized, smooth, and velvety soft. This product provides active defense against environmental stress and broad-spectrum UVA and UVB SPF 30 protection. The ultrafine pigments and reflecting micro-pearl particles immediately embrace the skin to cover its surface with a halo of imperceptible color. 

The formula features a revolutionary nylon powder with high absorption properties to smooth the skin’s texture and control sebum for a long-lasting, perfectly flawless, natural finish. Jisten promotes aquaporins to optimize the flow of moisture on the skin’s surface, correcting dullness, uneven texture, and dryness. Black rose strengthens the skin’s defenses against free radical damage which works towards helping sensitive skin, noticeable pores, and blemishes caused by the environment. 

I won't be relying on Dior Hydra Life alone for sun protection. It does not have a DIN number (Drug Identification Number) so it's not considered a sunscreen but it does have a PA+++ rating which means that it's UVA protection factor is above 8. Surprisingly Estée Lauder DayWear BB Cream does have a DIN number but no PA. Even if Dior's pump provides about 1/4 teaspoon of product the fact that I use a sponge to blend it in thins out the protection so on days when I know I'll be spending more time outside I will wear a proper sunscreen. As for the other claims I take them lightly. For me this is a tinted moisturizer that provides good coverage and protection from accidental exposure like waiting for the bus or a short walk.

Do I recommend Dior Hydra Life BB Crème? Yes!

For normal to combination skin Dior's Hydra Life gives good medium coverage and should help control oil for several hours. I don't know yet how it will fare under hot temperatures but my guess is it should do ok but I don't intend to use it on super humid days.

If you have dry skin you may need a to use a moisturizer first because Dior Hydra Life may not be enough.

If you have a very fair coloring, even the lightest shade may be too dark. I know it's borderline for me and the only reason I'm content with it is that I know it'll be just fine in about a month or so as mentioned. For winter, when my skin is super pale, 01 Luminous Beige would definitely be too dark.

I did try to photograph swatches but they just don't show! :(

The major downside... It's $65.00!!! Just typing this made me choke but you do get 20 ml more than Estée Lauder's DayWear BB cream which goes for $45.00. For fun I did a little calculation and as it turns out, Dior is the least expensive of the two at $1.30 per ml versus $1.50 per ml for Estée Lauder. It's definitely a good chunk of money so if you're hesitant do try to get a sample first.

As with any products if you're clog and/or acne prone or have sensitivity issues do patch test first.



Makeup Alley: 3.6 / 5 lippies for 48 reviews.
Beauté-test: 4 / 5 stars for 125 reviews.

By the way, can I just say I loooove opening a Dior product!

That little CD seal gets me every time!

*PA System: The Protection Grade of UVA (PA) system is based on the Persistent Pigment Darkening (PPD) reaction and is now widely adopted on the labels of sunscreens. According to the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, PA+ corresponds to a UVA protection factor between two and four, PA++ between four and eight and PA+++ more than eight.

Is the weather finally getting warmer where you live? Have you started to lighten up your routine?

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