Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara...

Last week I received my free birthday gift from Sephora and this year it's composed of two Make Up For Ever (MUFE) products. A Lipstick, which by the way I already own! I mean I have only one lipstick from this brand and just had to get another tiny one in the same color! Just my luck! The other product I was more excited about, a mascara!!!

Y'all know I'm a little obsessed with my lashes don't ya? Here I go rambling about them, again...

They're straight, they're stubborn and they tend to point downwards! Not a great look!

Why this obsession? My lids are starting to look more wrinkly and when my lashes are curved with a good smooth fluttery coat of mascara it's less obvious!

A while back I found the "almost" prefect one in Diorshow Iconic (reviewed, here) which remains at the top of my list of favorites but a tube barely lasts me two months before it starts to thicken to the point that the brush becomes almost useless. If its bristles weren't as tightly placed it would be possible to continue using but it's not the case. Do note that I don't pump the wand. For those who don't know, pumping brings air in the formula so the mascara thicken/dries faster and although for some it's a good thing since they start out pretty liquidy for others like Diorshow Iconic, not so much because it's rather creamy to begin with.

Recently I got a small size of Clinique High Impact that I must say, impressed me a lot, reviewed, here. The combination of the brush, the formula and the price makes it a strong contender to become an HG. At $19.00 it's a very reasonable option but then there's this one...

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara...

Oh My Word!!!

This formula is fantastic! Goes on like a dream, dries fast, resists the heat of my lash curler and keeps the curl all day!

Beautiful fluttery curved lashes!!!

Really it's pretty much amazing!

But there's one problem... and it's a big one... the shape of the brush!

I wonder who thought of that one, probably a lady with big eyes and amazingly long lashes to begin with!

Here I wanted to give you an idea of the size of the brush.

There's no way I can use this brush the same way as I use others. I'm left applying the product with its tip because if I try to hold the wand the way I would any other mascara, I end up with black spots on my upper lids! This happens even if the opening is small and removes most of the product from the larger part of the brush. This also means that you're left with a lot of mascara on the tip of the brush so you have to scrape the extra otherwise it's a thick mess.

Here for an even better idea I photographed MUFE along side other small sized mascaras and would you believe I used to think Benefit's brush was big?

On top Clinique High Impact, middle Benefit They're Real and bottom MUFE. 

Do I recommend Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara? Yes and no.

Yes since it's a surprisingly good formula that defines my lashes almost like no others have but no because of the brush. For me it's really a pain to use. If you have short lashes or deep set eyes I don't think you'll appreciate this one.

I've read some reviews and they're pretty divided. Some say this mascara flakes which didn't happen on me, while others love the brush so you may take my opinion with a grain of salt but at $28.00 a pop I say better be sure and go get your VIB Birthday gift from Sephora to try it first.

The brush for me is a no go and I doubt I'll get accustomed to it so I'll be using this one on week ends, when I can take a little more time to do my makeup. :)


Makeup Alley: 3.2 lippies / 5 lippies for 32 reviews
Beauté-test: 4 / 5 stars for 20 reviews

Have you received you Sephora birthday gift yet? 

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