Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Sunday Post, Vol. 15...

These past few weeks I've been more busy and have had less time to read and leave comments on my favorite blogs and it seems thing aren't going to change any time soon. If only we had Wi-Fi at the office I could use my iPad but sadly we don't. With my phone I can read blog posts but for some reason can't leave comments on most of them so for now I'll try to catch up on weekends! Argh!!!

This week's makeup love...

There isn't much to say about the makeup I wore except that it was pretty much the same as last week. I've got this eye look I'm enjoying a lot and it's super fast in the morning. Hazy from the Clinique All About Shadow 8 Pan Palette as a base, Diorshow Velvet mono for definition and Bobbi Brown Cement on upper lids make a great every day look. This week I brought back Benefit They're Real! mascara to compare with Diorshow which I haven't yet reviewed. It had been "out" for a while because of the cold weather. The formula clearly didn't enjoy the -30° Celsius temps that were the norm this winter.

A little extra step to improve my skin tone...

Is it the long winter? Is it aging? Probably the latter... *sigh* My cheeks are showing a little more red and I've noticed a few more broken caps even though I never use scrubs or anything harsh on my facial skin. Marcelle CC cream which has a medium/light coverage wasn't enough and I was starting to use a lot more Guerlain Crazy Terracotta so I've decided to bring out an old favorite, Avon's Smooth Minerals compact foundation, reviewed, here. For such a cheap price this little compact is just plain amazing and I'm wondering why I stopped using it.

With a medium sized brush, for more precision, I apply Avon's foundation on my cheeks where the redness is more obvious, lightly on my forehead, nose and chin. Since the color is slightly darker than my natural skin tone it gives definition as well as coverage and it's perfect as a base for bronzer or these days my beloved Crazy Terracotta. Smooth Minerals has micro light reflecting particles that contribute to the smooth non flat finish and I'm just as pleased with the finish now as I was back when I first tried it. Recently I'd been considering some high end compact foundations but I think I'll wait a little longer since this little number does such a good job for my current needs.

It may depend on your browser but I do hope you can get a glimpse of the gentle shimmer...

Avon Smooth Minerals in T03 Light Beige

I just had a look at Avon's website and I'm relieved to say it's still available... $15.00 CAD!!! Of course it's even cheaper south of the border at $11.00 US.


This week I did a complete 180°! I got tired of both Guerlain Madame Batifole and Chanel Coup de Coeur nail polishes! I'm wearing a NUDE color at the moment and loving it! (did you notice it on the above picture?) Even more weird is that I'm considering another...

What I have my eyes on...

This past week I've made stops at both Dior and Chanel counters. I've had a closer look at the new Dior Addict Fluid Stick colors and decided to pass for now. I was surprised at how big they were. Gorgeous presentation but a little bulky for my taste and so I may consider one of the new Lancôme Lip Lover instead which are smaller with a formula that appears to be similar.

I'm still eyeing a few of the new Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow but for now I'm keeping my money for other beauties that are coming out soon. Still I got to admire and swatch the "very" limited edition Dentelle Précieuse compact. Absolutely beautiful!!! The embossed lace design is perfect and stunningly realistic. I really don't know how one can dare to swipe a brush on this one but I can tell you that the pattern will last quite a while. At the Chanel counter the tester which is kept in a drawer and had been put to good use was still showing some of the details. Click on the image below to visit British Beauty Blogger, you'll see it's clear that Jane has fallen in love with this beauty. She graciously allowed me to use her picture for I was too absent minded to take one myself this week!

I mean LOOK at it!

OT but I had to mention... Catherine is now a tea drinker...

Drinking tea is cool!!! Carrying a tea filled colorful travel mug is cool!!!

A while back Catherine asked me to prepare a cup of tea for her so she could have a taste. Her first trial, David's Tea Cream of Earl Grey and she loved it!

To think my first taste was Orange Pekoe, how times have changed! Not that I have anything against it, I still enjoy this classic from time to time but there are so many delicious options out there now to appreciate.

The following week I purchased for her a "cool colorful travel mug" and several tasty blends all from David's Tea (it's the "in" tea store at the moment) and since then she's left with her mug every day and I know that she makes herself a cup when she returns home from school. Good thing I got a new kettle last week with a proper whistle!

Catherine's new "cool colorful travel mug" in blue, her favorite color with David's Tea 
Cream of Earl Grey and Agave sirup (apparently this too is another "cool" thing). 

The other blends I purchased for her are...

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait: this one even she found way too sweet (she even said it tasted like bad flavored gelatin) so yesterday I tried it myself and mixed it with some Twinings Gunpowder Green Tea. I did a one for three ratio and it was perfect!
Ingredients: Apple, hibiscus, raisins, carrot, yogurt bits, beetroot, strawberry, rhubarb, natural and artificial flavouring*.

Mango Madness: that one has a bit of zing to it with it's orange peels and pineapple.
Ingredients: Apple pieces, white Bai Mu Dan tea, orange peel, pineapple, mango,orange slices, freeze dried tangerine pieces, safflower petals, freeze dried strawberry pieces, marigold blossoms, artificial flavouring*. 

Coco Chai Rooibos: this blend actually has pink peppercorns in it so it does have that spicy edge. It was a great treat last Sunday when we were having what I hope will have been our last snow storm.
Ingredients: Rooibos**, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, coconut, pink peppercorns, natural and artificial flavouring*. 

I get the feeling that Cream of Earl Grey remains her favorite for now. It's the one she reaches for in the morning and I must admit I can't blame her. I've stayed away from this classic Bergamot flavored black tea for years because I simply couldn't stand it anymore. I drank soooo much of it! Now with the addition of vanilla it's love again!
Ingredients: Organic: Black tea, cornflowers, marigolds. With natural flavouring*. 

Isn't funny, my daughter has gotten me to drink tea again! :)

For your viewing enjoyment...

Since I did mention the new Dior Addict Fluid Stick I thought it would be fun to see the Pandore Look.

Did you notice the nail polishes at the end? I do believe I want them all!!!

Have a great week everyone! Hélène xoxo

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