Monday, April 21, 2014

First Pedi of the Season... Done!

Last week was cold in Montreal, real cold! Monday we had a gorgeous day which left me thinking I could finally wear a lighter coat and so on Tuesday I did but by the time I got home from work it was frigid again! This was a bit depressing but Saturday I went shopping with Catherine and seeing all the spring clothes and the light colors I figured, ok that's it, I'm doing my first pedi!!!

I had been giving my feet a little extra care in the past few weeks so they weren't in such bad shape and my excitement had been building up for a while about wearing Chanel Le Vernis #603 Charivari as my first color of the season. For those of you who haven't read my original review, here, I wasn't much impressed with it on my fingers but was looking forward to wearing it on my toes.

Aaaand BOOM! Gorgeous! Love it!!!

Here's the color again...

So, a little after shower feet buffing, nail cutting, filing and smoothing. On went Charivari with a top coat and now I'm good for two weeks! Let's hope that by the time I'm ready to redo I'll have removed my socks!!!

Charivari isn't as stunning as my last year's favorite, Taboo reviewed, here, and so it may very well be a one time thing like you know "putting my feet back into color mode" but it's a nice one to start with. 

Oh and by the way, on my fingers I'm wearing Dior Vernis #338 Mirage... review coming up later this week!

What will be your first pedi color of the season or what's on your toes at the moment? 

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