Friday, July 12, 2013

Instagram Silliness, Vol 1

Recently, to my daughter's despair, I've started to get into using my iPhone for picture taking a little more. Sometimes they are specifically for a post and sometimes they are for Instagram. Catherine goes nuts when I start snapping pictures at the drugstore and goes almost ballistic when I do that at the grocery store!

Well Sweetness, too bad, I ain't gonna stop! In fact, I'm just getting started! :)

This week there was fragrances, food, pictures in my yard and of course, fur babies!

Dior Poison on the left, one of my all time favorite! Note the Chanel Taboo nail polish which goes so well with it. That was not premeditated. On the right, The Body Shop Oceanus. A nice aquatic, unfortunately it's been discontinued.

On the left my hostas are in bloom! On the right, baby pears are starting to take shape. I'll probably take pictures weekly to see their progress.

Food!!! On the left, chicken with Asian flavored rice and on the right, spicy sausage pasta 
with lots of green olives. The only thing missing there was flat leaf parsley. :( 

On the left, Julius is not a happy camper! I had to tie him up because he was barking like a mad dog! 
On the right, seems Fifi was spying on me! 

The inspiration for this entry came yesterday after I saw Sascha's first installment of Instagram Weekly. I just loved the idea and this morning it was reinforced by Stacey's Lip Six post. Do pay them a visit by clicking on the images below.

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Expat Make-Up Addict

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