Friday, July 19, 2013

Instagram Silliness, Vol. 2

Talk about a hot week! I believe we've hit 40° Celsius with the humidity factor every single day! I can only say that I thank the gods of coolness for the invention of Air Conditioning!

By the way, the humidity factor or humidex which refers to the temperature felt is a Canadian invention!!! Yay! In other words, even if the temperature is 36° as shown on the picture below, high humidity, low winds etc can actually make us feel like like it's 42° degrees. After a rain/thunderstorm, the temperature can go down just a few degrees but if the humidity breaks then we can really feel the difference. In a way, it's the counterpart of the windchill factor. Now that was an American invention.

See, I knew I'd find an other opportunity to talk about the weather! :D

Since I don't sleep well these days, my morning café au lait is a must!
Wednesday was the hottest day of the summer, as you can see it reached 36° but the humidex got to 42°!!!

Thermal water in the fridge, more than appreciated when getting inside, away from the heat.
Dior Cake Mascara. Yes, I still have this and wish they would bring it back!

Julius thinks he's a goat and Fifi is ready for her belly rub!

On the right, BBQ chicken, lemon couscous with spicy tomato & mango salsa. 
Left, tomato sandwich. I've had a few this week and can't wait for the fresh summer tomatoes to arrive.

Since that salsa was soooo good, I thought I would give you the recipe. It's very basic and you can modify it as will, to your taste.

Spicy Tomato & Mango Salsa:

1 big tomato, seeded and chopped
2 mangoes (I had the Ataulfo variety)
1/2 cup of finely sliced red onions (do put them in water a few minutes to remove the sulfur smell)
A nice bunch of flat leaf parsley finely shopped (you could use fresh coriander as well)
A good spoonful of Harissa or Sambal Oelek (both are spicy pepper paste) or to taste

A pinch of salt
The juice of half a lemon or more if you like your salsa a little on the acidic side
Enough extra virgin olive oil to make everyone happy!

Switching parsley for coriander just remember to use a little less since it's more fragrant, has a more distinctive taste. If you make this in advance, do not put it in the fridge! It would simply kill the taste. I made it about 30 minutes ahead and it was perfect. If it's not too hot in your house you could prepare up to an hour in advance but omit the salt, olive oil and lemon juice just add those when ready to serve.

Let me know if you decide to try it. :)

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