Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Magic of Body Powders...

My brain must be fried! I would have said frozen but given the current heat wave we're experiencing it would have made no sense.

For some mysterious reason this Summer I completely forgot about body powders! These are almost magical for keeping the stickiness caused by the heat at bay. In my 20s I had a few fragranced ones that I enjoyed using. Dioressence and Estée Lauder's White Linen where my favorites. They felt so luxurious to use in their beautiful containers with their soft and pretty puffs and they lasted the longest time because I would only used them when it was super hot. I don't buy them anymore for personally I find the prices are not justified since their fragrances don't last long enough. White Linen is still available but is sold for $50.00 USD.

So, what's a girl who doesn't want to spend a fortune on body powder to do? Go to the drugstore and get plain and pretty baby powder!

As effective as high end and wallet friendly it's perfect and fear not about the fragrance, it disappears in about 30 minutes but the sensation of being dry lasts more than a few hours, for me anyway. I must say I'm not a big sweater to begin with but on those hot and sticky days I'm not immune and so powder is more than welcome.

Lavender & Chamomille Baby Powder

I think I must have had this shaker for at least 10 years and it's still 3/4 full. Like I said, I only use it on super hot days and only on those bits that get sticky, if you know what I mean. This one is still available and with it's lovely lavender fragrance you don't feel like you're in the baby world. 425 g for under $5.00, in my book it's a winner even if it doesn't come in a luxurious puff included beautiful container. This one has my vote but of course there are other lovely affordable ones available at the drugstore.

Maybe you already have either baby powder or are lucky enough to have a luxurious container received as a gift and didn't know when to use it, well it's time! Go get it out of your armoire and powder yourself!

Just a word of caution when using powder. If like me you like wearing dark colors, like black for instance, be very careful when you put on your clothes and make sure to wipe off the powder from your hands otherwise you'll look like a CSI suspect dusted for hand prints!

Do you use body powder? Do you have a favorite?

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