Monday, July 29, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis in Paparazzi / Review...

There where two nail polishes on my most recent Beauty Envies post, here. Dior Galaxie which will be available soon and this one, Chanel Paparazzi, purchased last Saturday.

Chanel Paparazzi part of the Avant-Première Collection, hasn't been mentioned a lot but I really wanted it! I wanted it because it reminded me of another Chanel nail polish from 14 years ago called Topaze, a limited edition that was given to me by a friend. It was a "new mom" gift. Catherine had just been born and my friend figured I could really use a little beauty boost. She was right! She gave me Topaze and a Chanel lipstick, also limited edition and if I remember correctly it's name was Soleil d'Été (Summer Sun).

This was one of the rare instances where I almost emptied a bottle of nail polish. I wore Topaze that entire Summer and beyond. A beautiful bronzy shade with stunning gold specks, for which I got tons of compliments. Since it was a limited edition I could not replace it and it's only recently that I was reminded of it, with my Chanel Taboo entry, here.

When I saw Chanel Paparazzi I was all excited and happy to be able to somewhat revisit this color and so Saturday I got my hands on it and that night I went all matchy/matchy and applied it on finger nails and toes! I usually wear two different polishes, recently it was Taboo on toes and Girls Are Out from Essie on fingers.

The formula was as expected, even application was easy and two coats, perfect. Drying time was relatively quick but I was careful for about an hour.

Paparazzi, the morning after.

When my daughter got home from a day of fun with a friend she saw my nails and said: "Mom, you have brown on you nails???" I answered that it appeared brown but it was due to the lighting. I told her it was more of a bronzy pink.

The next morning I went outside to have a closer look and went Oh!

It's way too boring, no punch, no pizazz, no...

The gold melts completely in the color, it's too light, it's not what I was expecting...

It's not me! :(

Here are several pictures with the two next to one another. A little hard to see but Topaze does have the same color base but with the gold in suspension. This gave it so much dimension. In comparison, Paparazzi appears flat, no life.

See the difference on my nails.

Bottom left Topaze is at the bottom and on the right, Paparazzi.

Now of course Chanel in Paparazzi is a type of color loved by many women for the fact that it almost falls in the neutral and classic category. It does go with practically everything and is quite appropriate for any work place. I know some women would not be able to wear a vampy red during their work week and when one wants to wear color this is indeed a good choice. It's just that for me, it's either go bold or go home! In other words, if I can't wear a "stunning" color I prefer to wear none at all.

In a way, for me color is like fragrance, it's a personal thing.

Paparazzi the morning after... I should have gotten Cinema! Next up, hopefully, Dior Galaxie!

What was the last beauty item that left you feeling disappointed?

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