Monday, July 1, 2013

Dior or L'Oréal? Coral Glow, meets an "almost" match!

Did y'all know that I loooove my Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo in Coral Glow?

Ok sorry I couldn't resist but it's true! If it weren't so silly I would probably sleep with it and I'm not the only one who's nuts about this compact. My bloguerette friend Sunny from Mostly Sunny is about to get married to hers. I hope we'll get invited, me and my Coral Glow that is...

Now of course you dont neeeed a compact with both product. You can totally go for separates but ain't it fun to only have one item to carry?

At the drugstore I stumbled upon a L'Oréal product that I had never noticed before and at $3.99, yes that's right, I figured I'd do a little comparison.

L'Oréal The One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo, I purchased the shade 830 Flush.

As you can see the colors are not exactly the same but the results on the skin are pretty similar.

Side by side we can see that the blush side of Coral Glow is much brighter and the bronzer has that light part that distributes an even satiny finish. Oh and by the way, the bronzer is not "dirty" it's like a weird shadow that popped up on the picture. Ain't I a champ to take pics? Grrr!

For some reason the blush side of L'Oréal is more true on the top picture. Not as bright as Dior, it still gives quite a nice effect on cheeks. The same goes for the sculpt part which to me works quite well as a bronzer. Very natural, it has just the right amount of shimmer but it is a little more orangy than Dior so I have to be careful and apply lightly.

So again, they are different, not exact dupes but since Dior Coral Glow is sold out practically everywhere, if you can get your hands on L'Oréal in this shade, 830 Flush, especially at that price I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Dior comes with a cute kabuki style brush. L'Oréal comes with a "V" shaped brush.

Wait! A what???

This is the brush! I'm not sure what they where going for with this.
*scratches head*

If you want to end up with an 80s style chiseled cheek look then go ahead and use that "brush" but I don't recommend it. It's stiff and really does a poor job. With it the powder goes on patchy, just horrible. As I do with Dior I use a simple soft bristle blush brush.

Why was it $3.99? Because it's discontinued! I don't even know when these came out. I think there were four combinations in all. They still had three of them at one of the drugstores I go to on a regular basis and all of them at another so they are still out there.

One more thing, if you've never used a bronzer, make sure to do a few tests first before going out. Apply it in front of a window that will give you a good dose of daylight. Recently I saw someone who clearly hadn't done this and let me just say the finish was just horrible and on top of that the color was all wrong for her.

This entry may be of help, Bronzers! Instead of Burning Fake It! You can have a look at a Guerlain video that shows how to apply your bronzer.

Overdoing it with a bronzer will not make you appear more "tanned" it will simply make you look older and make people think you belong in one of those old Cowboys & Indians movies with the stereotyped "Indians" ready to get on the war path. Come to think of it, this L'Oréal brush would be perfect to make stripes on you cheeks come Halloween time!

Oh so sorry! I'm really in a weird place at the moment, can you tell? Oh and do not fear for I am certain that I will find another opportunity to tell you about... you know, Coral Glow! :D

Do you wear a bronzer? Do you have a favorite?

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