Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder...

Is it just me or is The Body Shop's makeup often overlooked? I'm one of those who doesn't know much about it and so recently after reading a post by Monika of Rocaille Writes, I really wanted to try their bronzer. Imagine that, a bronzer, MEEE? :D

Right after I finished reading I went to their website to see all their makeup was a 50% off and so the next day I went to a store. The deal was only online!

I turned away!

One frustrating detail about The Body Shop is their website specials rarely translate to their stores and I never buy online so I decided to forget about it. This week I stopped by a store and boom! The 50% on makeup was on!

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder...

It comes in four neutral matte colors and I must admit, I'm pretty impressed by the texture of 02 the one I chose but I wouldn't really qualify it as a bronzer unless one has very fair skin. For a natural sun kissed glow, 03 and 04 would definitely be more appropriate especially on darker skin tones.

So, 01 and 02 are in my opinion a little pale to be called bronzers but perfect to give a light natural and even satiny glow to the face and for those who don't take any sun in summer or don't like bronzers in general, these would be perfect. This may sound surprising but if you've been salivating over either one of the two lightest shades of Chanel Les Beiges compacts but don't want to make your wallet angry, these are almost dupes once on skin, really they are! The big difference is they will give a somewhat more opaque coverage, almost between a finishing powder and a powder foundation.

The texture? Extremely soft, almost creamy with hardly any fall out and at first I thought it was a bit hard and wondered if I was picking up any powder with my soft no name blush brush but I was. Impressed is what I was! Such a beautiful finish!

I've used it as a base over my BB cream and as a finishing powder and it gives just enough of a color boost to give me an all over lite glow.

Would I recommend The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powders? Yes!

A pretty "powder-not-powdery-finish", it's soft and like I said, satiny and since the two lighter shades have no orange undertones I do believe they're suitable for pretty much any carnation. I like 02 on my neck to make it look less pale without enhancing the fact that it's starting to go down if you know what I mean. A regular bronzer is too harsh and Chanel Les Beiges in N°10 (almost identical although a smidgen more pink to Honey Bronze in 01) too light to make much of a difference on that area at this time of year.

The two lighter shades of Honey Bronze 01 and 02, would work well as finishing powders on medium skin tones and give a nice healthy color on the fair and very fair who'd rather not tan or are maybe a little intimidated by a more traditional bronzer.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the fact that it controls oil pretty nicely. Using it as a finishing powder in the morning I don't have to reapply for at least three hours and these days it's pretty good if you ask me. Now of course that's if the temperature doesn't come into play. If it's hot and humid, forget about it, nothing will stay on my skin!

The compact, although not as sturdy as Chanel is rather nice and I wouldn't mind taking it out in public for touch ups if it came with an applicator. For some reason there are two different compacts, one which is plain and the other, the one I purchased with a nice reflection of hexagonal honeycomb for which bees are so famous.

Regular price, $20.00, got it for $10.00!!! Now that's a sweet deal for a whopping 11g. By the way, Chanel Les Beiges in N°10 is $60.00 for 12 g. Talk about a nice cheap thrill! Oh and yes, I would recommend even at $20.00!

If I didn't already have so many bronzers I would have purchased all four, really I would have!

Do have a look at Monika's entry where she compares The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder to others she's tried, here.

As a little perk I also got the Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Gloss which comes in the cutest container in the shape of a bee hive!

Have you tried any of The Body Shop's makeup? Anything else I should look into?

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