Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Sunday Post, Vol. 23...

Trying to keep up!

I have two jobs! One that pays the rent and one that doesn't and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way, I just need to stay busy!

A few weeks back, I can't remember what the conversation was about but I was talking with a co-worker (at my job that pays) and mentioned I had no time for whatever we were talking about. My colleague was surprised, I guess he thought that when I wasn't at work I spend my time either out shopping or at home eating bonbons!

Sooo not so!

People's reaction when I say I have a blog goes from Ooo that's so cool to... blank stares!!!

When I say it's a beauty blog (that doesn't pay)... well... let's just say that sometimes I get the feeling of being viewed as a totally empty bobble head!

Blank stares people, blank stares!

Do I care? Nope!

I do it for the "Ooo that's so cool!!! I do it for the readers who stop by to read my Sunday Post and the reviews in between, I do it because I love it! Period!

I think I've already mentioned that not long ago my daughter told me she was proud of me! *blushes* She told me she admired my work ethic and my commitment to this baby! I do it for her! Ok well I do it for her so that she knows what it is to dedicate oneself to a project.

Then three weeks ago I saw my friend who's been living in Australia for ages... Such a great afternoon but I'll talk about that later, for now I'll just mention the sense of pride I felt when first she said my English was impeccable (for those of you who still don't know I'm a French Canadian from Montréal) and then the surprise and joy in her eyes when she saw the way my site really looked like! You see she subscribed to the newsletter and so had never seen the actual look of Icaria's.

I was floating on air! The best afternoon ever! Woot! I do it for her too!

As much as some of us beauty bloggers can second guess ourselves here and there, we do it mainly because we love it. Whether it's done in the closet or way out there, the fact that we know people read us is what keeps us going. I never thought I would be read and that humbles me and it's probably the main reason why it takes me at least thirty minutes to press "Publish" once a post is done. I rarely look at my stats these days, not for a lack of interest but mainly because I kind of know. I king of know which post will be popular and it usually is not the one I took the longest time to write and that's ok since some of those are sweet indulgences for me. I don't look at my stats because I'm not in a competition and I don't want the stress.

With summer finally here my posting schedule will likely be a little irregular as it has been for a month or so now and I know it'll be the same for several beauty bloggers. Some breaks are needed, stuff has to be done and summer has to be enjoyed. Hey this past winter was a killer!!!

As mentioned a few weeks back, I've been enjoying Instagram a lot and will continue to retweet my #bbloggers buddies on Twitter (I do that a lot!) so do follow me if you are on either or both. Even if I slow down a little I'm still going to be on the web as much as possible. Oh and The Sunday Post will be up every week so no worries, I know it's a favorite and I thank you all for this!

Oh by the way, my banner looks horrible on Twitter at the moment. They've modified the settings and I can't get it to fit anymore. I'll try to correct... eventually!

This week's makeup love...

Some same old, same old. Using my Clinique palette, I've been alternating between the fourth and fifth shade from the bottom as a base on my lids and still use Diorshow Mono in Velvet for definition. NARS Laguna bronzer is definitely "Da Bomb" I just love the satiny finish and combined with Deep Throat blush it's really flattering, more so on my than with Orgasm which I've barely touched since getting this small size. I do a little contouring with Guerlain Terracotta and use The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer mainly on my neck but also some days as an all over powder. I purchased a new L'Oréal Voluminous waterproof mascara to see how it would perform on warmer days. I'll be writing a new review soon.

Thinking about bronzers... Do I really need another?

Erm... I'm not sure! To be continued... below...

New additions...

Taking advantage of some blog sales, I recently purchased from Jessica of Getting Cheeky (she's taking a long break so you can follow her on Twitter, here) the TheBalm Meet Matt(e) and the fabulous Guerlain Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder, last year's summer star. From Liz of Beauty Reductionista, Guerlain Météorites Compact UV Shiels Pressed Powder.

What I have my eyes on...

A bronzer of course! The new Guerlain Terra Tropica Sun Light Duo Bronzing Powder. For some reason I think it may be similar to my beloved Crazy Terracotta from last Christmas so it's definitely a possible purchase. I was a little disappointed by the fact that the Célébration compact was so matte. Terra Tropica has more shimmer and could be a nice option for me.

What can I say, I'm a bronzer addict with no intentions of geting into rehab and this one seems to be calling my name, loudly! I think I need a fix! :)

For your viewing enjoyment...

There's a Dior exhibition going on in Shanghai at the moment and it appears to be a lovely one. My bloguerette friend Sunny of Mostly Sunny (who by the way celebrated her wedding yesterday!) was there this week. I do hope she got to see this!

After its journey from Paris to Chengdu, it's taken a month before Le Petit Théâtre Dior  has been able to unveil its sixty miniature dresses presented inside twelve gray sets. Right now is the time for final adjustments: a technician makes sure that the background music for the Grand Bal Dior  installation is perfectly synchronized with the waltz in three-quarter time of the sumptuous miniature Schuman  dress and the ten others that surround it. Further along, the pastel dress from the fall-winter 2012-2013 haute couture collection by Raf Simons for Dior is carefully displayed inside a giant lipstick tube. Our attention is then drawn to the room dedicated to J’adore  which captures all the magic and opulence of the Galerie des Glaces  in Versailles with walls that look like they're covered in gold leaf and, on the ceiling, a striking chandelier composed of mini perfume bottles. Next to it, another animation arouses our curiosity; a bed of digital flowers evokes a classic French garden in which, like magnificent bouquets, two bottles of Diorissimo  are flowering. The Miss Dior  dress designed by Christian Dior in 1949 blooms in the middle of its flower, like a lovely bud, appearing and then disappearing among the petals. This meticulous and precise work across these twelve installations in twelves different shades of gray – the couturier's favorite color – allows the viewer to discover the essence of the Dior spirit distilled in sixty delicately-proportioned dresses. 
                                                                                                                                                                 From Dior Magazine 

Here, see the attention to details in the making of the Miss Dior Dress...

Positively stunning!

Congratulations Sunny! I hope you had a lovely time!

Have a great week everyone! Hélène xoxo

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