Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rimmel concealers and my new under eye routine...

Buying a new concealer is boring! Well it is to me!

I'm not a fan, not at all and I've been using one since I was about 15 years old! Gah!!! Why did I even bother back then, I had perfect skin! I guess I have my best friend to blame for that (yes you Nico!). When I saw her use her little stick of light beige cream I just thought it was so cool that I just I had to get me one. There was no turning back! If I remember correctly that first one was from Maybelline. 

Through the years there have been many, many, many... The ones I've repurchased the most were from Clinique and Estée Lauder. I loved the creamy formula with the doe foot applicator. In recent years the formulas seem to have changed and so the last ones I purchased from either companies weren't performing as well as they used to. Or maybe it was just my skin getting older and showing its unhappiness...

Although I've used several high end brands my favorite of the past few years...

Rimmel March Perfection!

The super el cheapo brand makes one good concealer but the latest tube I purchased (after having looked for one for weeks because every drugstore in Montreal appeared to be out!) seemed to be sheerer than before. Could be just me and my "getting older" under eye area but for some reason it didn't conceal as well as before. Do know I don't have dark circles and it's mainly to even out. I was a little disappointed and figured this meant I would have to go on a quest, a quest to replace it, to find another HG. :(

Then came Sunny (mostlysunnyblog) to the rescue with her super amazing idea!

Using a primer under the concealer! Why didn't I think of that? *smacks head*

The two primers I had on hand were NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base which I found a little thick for the under eye area and a small size of Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer which turned out to be perfect! I know it's suppose to be used on face but it wasn't doing much for me and it was dying in my makeup case so why not give it a try?

So now my new routine is, Hourglass primer, Rimmel concealer and a light dusting of Marcelle Pressed Powder with a fan brush. Done! The picture below is from my Instagram feed.

Rimmel has three concealers, Hide The Blemish Concealer in a traditional stick form which I haven't tried. Wake Me Up Concealer, a cream with a doe foot applicator reminiscent of the ones I used to like and Match Perfection Concealer presented in a long tube with a brush at the end.

I found both Wake Me Up and Match Perfection to be quite similar, almost interchangeable (Wake Me Up is slightly more moisturizing) so the choice between the two depends on the type of presentation you prefer and I do believe they've improved on Match Perfection by adding air in the tube so you don't have to press for ages to get product out. That was what I found most annoying with my first tube reviewed, here. Over my Hourglass primer it doesn't dry as fast so I have more time for a smooth application and also it's more opaque and covers better than without.

Rimmel London Match Perfection concealer is often on special in drugstores and there are times when it's hard to find. I guess I'm not the only one liking it and the same goes for Wake Me Up. Even at their respective regular price which is under $10.00, they are a good deals and I doubt at this point that I'll go back to expensive brands. Ok I may for blogging research but not having a blog I'd be quite satisfied with either.

I don't have many drugstore HG anymore but this one remains and I think that as long as they make it I'll own one.

Is there a drugstore item that you've repurchased again and again and again... ?

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