Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The PowderPuff Question N°6...

OT but then just know that the PowderPuff Girl question can be so...

Last night as I was unplugging the dishwasher Catherine yelled, "Mom, Robin Williams is dead!"

I felt numb! Speechless!

I dropped everything and went for the TV and switched to CNN.

It was true, confirmed, the greatest comic of his generation was gone due to depression. I felt sad, very sad!

For me personally this is the first time since André's death that I'm so touched and troubled. No I never met Robin Williams, almost did once but for some reason let go of that opportunity. He spoke French! He was a gracious, polite and well spoken man. I liked him and so did André... a lot! He was one of the few actors he would agree to watch in English. You see André could be rather lazy when watching a movie, preferring dubbed versions in French to my great despair. Maybe they will meet... up there in heaven.

One of André's favorite movies, What Dreams May Come (1998) in which Williams plays a man who "wakes up" in heaven... I must admit this movie I've only seen once. For some reason it spoke to me too loudly.

My favorite Robin Williams movie? I have none I like more than the other, truly! In fact what I liked the most were his interviews. Some may have been prepared by him but the reactions of the interviewers were priceless. I can only imagine what a movie set felt like when he was present.

First sight of heaven? From What Dreams May come.

Catherine's favorite Robin Williams movie, Jumanji (1995)

Aladdin (1992) Yes Genie, you're free!

Nanu Nanu

Thank you for your comedic genius, for the laughter, for the movies. I can only hope that some will wake up and take a second look at their loved ones who may be battling depression. To think there is still a stigma attached to this is beyond me.

Tonight's program, Jumanji with Catherine in our pyjamas and yes, we will have ice cream!

Do you have a favorite Robin Williams movie? If so, which is it?

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