Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The PowderPuff Girl Question N°5...

Today I thought I was gonna be a rebel and go makeupless! I got up at 8:00, had a café au lait, relaxed and at 10:30 what was I doing you ask? Putting on makeup! 

I realised I had some experimenting to do with products I recently purchased and since this week I have time I figured why not. 

Ok so this was for blogging duties but honestly, I'm not sure I would have resisted the urge... seems it's like an addiction!

Somehow I just don't feel right without my liner, mascara, bronzer, lippie.... Below is an example of a minimal face for me although I can easily skip the blush since I use my Terracotta and would probably switch the Laura Mercier Caviar stick for a powder neutral eyeshadow which is faster to apply.

So, are you one of those sirens who can go out without a smidgen of makeup? I mean nothin', nada except maybe lip balm. 

Or are you like me, unable to go about your day without a few staples?

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