Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The PowderPuff Girl Question N° 7...

How important are packaging and presentation when you purchase a lipstick?

For me? Real important! Now of course the formula has to be good otherwise what would be the point? Still a good formula in a meh casing won't last with me, I'll just get bored!

Taking out a good looking lipstick from my purse makes me feel good, it's like a pick me up! Hey my first lipstick ever was a Dior. Most of you are too young to remember but mine was the white with navy details and the color was a frosty bubble gum pink. What can I say, it was in at the time and I was about 19 so I guess it was all good! :)

In July, in one of my Sunday Post I mentioned making my friend purchase Dior Nude Blush #459 Charnelle. Well, as soon as she was done at the cash register she got straight to a mirror with the intention of putting it on right there! Ok I do get that but, and this is the big one, she was about to do it without taking the time, the time to admire the beautiful cannage pattern on the casing and the stunning bullet adorned with the iconic CD!!!

I'm sorry but I just had to STOP her!

I know my reaction made her smile inside but what can I say, a new beautiful lipstick brings me such pleasure that I guess I wanted her to start feeling the same. You see we're all just so busy doing and buying things for others (I'm looking at you Catherine!), the way I see it, getting a new beautiful lipstick is for us, just for us. A little tiny moment of joy that can be replicated every time we put in on and I don't think it's a beauty blogger thing since I've always felt like this.

Oh and by the way, there are some beautiful options at the drugstore so this is not about price, not one bit. I just happen to mention Dior because of that first purchase and I guess you could say it's been a long lasting love affair that was reignited last year, the formula being as good as ever.

So, do you take the time to admire that new lipstick or are you the type to just pay and rush to a mirror to put it on? Now I know many of you are beauty bloggers and so do wait to take pictures before having a go but if you were not, what kind of "new lipstick buyer" would you be?

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