Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Sunday Post, Vol. 28...

I have a week off! Woot!!!

Since November of last year I've been working pretty much non stop. There were a few days off here and there but to have nine days off in a row, let's just say I need them bad!!!

I have several drafts that need pictures and some of these are so overdue! Like for instance the nail polishes I've been sporting this summer along with some new blushes and eye shadows... *fingers crossed* I'll be able to finish these in the next few days.

Ok so my week won't be about blogging alone, I have some major house cleaning to do and some spending time with my girl to do too! Last night we went to a movie and I was able to convince Catherine to take a mother-daughter selfie! No I'm not becoming a selfie addict and by the way thank you all for the nice comments, you know who you are... but I wanted to have a fun one with my girl and it is so. It looks distorted with the 3D glasses but that was the idea, a little souvenir of a great movie. It did take some convincing Cat but I told her, "think of it this way, it'll be fun for you to look at it in 10 years" and so she agreed! Oh and if you've seen it you probably noticed my shiny nose! We were having way too much fun for me to think about powder! :)

This week's makeup love...

I didn't have time to go get a new Rouge Dior #459 Charnelle and so I've been wearing NARS Dolce Vita quite a bit and discovering Guerlain Tonka Impériale reviewed, here. Yes I had been neglecting it after having used it the first week I got it. I was a little disappointed by the color but not the formula. Now I'm enjoying the color, it's no fuss and can be applied discretely without a mirror, love that!

I fell in love hard with Clinique Black Honey (from the All About Shadow Palette seen, here) eye shadow this week and wore it with pink just like Lily of ChloeAsh did back in march. You can see her gorgeous look, here. The difference was that I used Clinique Berry Pop (sent to me by lovely Lena of Lenalure) on my cheeks and Givenchy Rouge Interdit in Secret Pink #3 reviewed, here, which pulls really pink on me. Also...

...I wore a black eyeliner yesterday... and I liked it!

Recently I bought a small size of Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover and it came with a Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner pencil... in black! I figured I would give it a go for blogging purposes not expecting much since all pencil eye liners smudge on me. Well this one surprised me because it did have amazing staying power! The best part was Catherine at one point couldn't figure out what I had done differently but she told me and I swear these are her words "Mom you look beautiful, you look younger!" I was like wow, and then felt a little uncomfortable coz she kept looking at me! I was wearing a somewhat smokey look with Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Khaki.

I'm wearing it again today!

What I have my eyes on...

I had a little YSL swatch fest of the new eye palettes this week!!! OMWord guys! The textures, the colors are just fantastic! Guerlain is coming out with a gorgeous palette that includes great everyday shades and Dior, well they too are launching a truckload of quints! Geez these brands along with Chanel are just killing me but I'll be smart unless I win the lottery!

Remember I'm still on a no/low buy for now and so the only thing I plan on getting is my Dior Charnelle although I can use a lip brush (if I can find one in my chaotic house). Now Guerlain is coming out with a new look for their Kiss Kiss lipstick and Rosy Beige sure looks tempting for an everyday lippie!

For your viewing enjoyment...

So the movie we went to see last night was Gardians of the Galaxy and it was really, I mean really fun!!! Good humor (although one joke was a bit much) and the music was such a blast from the past and no, you don't have to be over 45 to appreciate it. Proof, go have a read of Aaron's review, he's the son of Sue from Cherry Sue Doin' The Do, here. Now the Walkman might be another story... and yes I still have mine! Oh and Cat just told me it was written by a woman!

I honestly can say that I wish they make a sequel after all, Star Lord does get a new cassette... Hmm now I wonder if Catherine would be up for writing reviews... Like Sue tweeted me, kids got to earn their keep! :D

I am Groot... :D

Have a great week everyone! Hélène xoxo  

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