Monday, November 4, 2013

Diorshow 783 Velvet Eyeshadow / Review...

My first Dior eyeshadow in ... years! I'll keep you guessing on that one. Let's just say that it was a long time ago. I still have a few palettes and yes, I do use them once in a while. Dior's texture has remained almost the same and that's a relief, in fact I might even say that it's comforting. A little stupid I know but hey, it's been years!

Before going for a Dior palette I wanted to try a mono to see how it would hold on my now "older" eyes and the results are more than positive. Recently I brought you a review of Mystère (here) where I mentioned that in the past Chanel's eye shadows were not amongst the best. I guess in the case of Dior I was afraid of the opposite, meaning they may not be as good today as they were back then... Ok I'm not an old geezer but it was a wile back!

I'm glad to say it's not the case!

Diorshow Mono 783 Velvet...

Diorshow 783 Velvet is a beautiful purplish grey, perfect for green eyes. It may appear quite shimmery in the pan but on skin it's very flattering. Of course I tried to take pictures of a swatch I did on my arm but it was just pathetic.

I was looking for an everyday eyeshadow, a color that would suit my green eyes and would be easy to work with. Diorshow 783 in Velvet fits those requirements. Due to the lightness of the powder, I can apply lightly for just a touch of color or darker for a somewhat light smokey eye. It goes on evenly and there's very little fall out.

Morning makeup will have to be quick and so here's my eye makeup for my first week of work, for those who don't know, I gotta a new job!

Concealer, loose powder,
Diorshow in Velvet,
L'Oréal Infaillible eye liner in Slate (or Bobbi Brown's in Caviar Ink)
finish off with mascara and done!

What do you think? Good plan?

I'm in love with this little shadow, the best part is that it does last all day. It fades lightly but very evenly so that's good since there's nothing I dislike more than shadow that stays stuck in creases. I must say that I don't have oily eyelids so maybe if this is your case, a primer may have to be used.

So, my first Dior shadow in years and it's a hit! What a relief!

Do you have a basic favorite eyeshadow that you use everyday?

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