Friday, November 8, 2013

Rouge Dior Grège 1947...

Recently I had a "light bulb moment"! Michelle from Lipstick Rules asked the following question: Which Comes First, The Makeup Or The Outfit? My response was the outfit and I adjust makeup accordingly but what I realised was that unconsciously the main reason why I'm always attracted by neutral lip colors is that I privilege not only a thick line of eyeliner but tend to apply darker than medium shadows on my lids and if I were to wear dark lipsticks I would probably look like a reject from the 80s. Ok maybe not that bad since I don't exaggerate blush but still it might be a little much.

I've always preferred to emphasise my eyes and since I have good pigmented lips I can either go without lipstick or with a medium neutral. Now I can't do a real nude color, when I do I look a bit "deadish".

My recent favorite lip color was NARS Tolède, a light dusty pink, which I wore almost everyday ever since I purchased it back in May but these past few weeks it became less comfortable due to the fact that it's fairly matte so a little drying. This wasn't an issue when the weather was warmer but the mercury has dropped more than a few degrees and it's only the beginning. Winter is coming and so this means I need a more moisturizing formula.

Rouge Dior 169 Grège 1947...

A perfect nude for me. Not too light and not too beige it has just the right amount of pink to make my lips noticeable. What I love about it is that I can reapply without using a mirror. Now I don't do that often but it happens. With a few passes of Grège 1947 I get the "my lips but better" effect and although relatively light it doesn't scream spring or summer it's simply the kind of timeless/season less shade we all need.

The formula of Grège 1947 is very creamy so if you expect it to stay on your lips for more than four hours you might be disappointed. I get close to three hours of wear with it and no it does not resist a meal on me. Like the older Dior formula I used to love, it fades evenly but if you talk a lot it will make that weird line on the inner rim of your lips which can be annoying but this is normal with such a formula and I don't mind personally.

The packaging, navy blue paired with silver, gorgeous! Dior on the bullet and the satisfying click when you put the cap back on are some of the reasons these lipsticks are a joy to use. Quiet elegance.

For many of us winter is coming rapidly and Grège 1947 is a pretty good option if you want a nice basic nude color that is not too light and that comes with an excellent moisturizing formula but the fact that it's creamier doesn't mean that it will treat your lips if they are irritated to begin with. This week I've had issues and Grège 1947 didn't help much but then I knew it wouldn't since it's not a lip treatment.

I'm truly in love with this little beauty and isn't it interesting that on the displays it's paired with Dior Vernis Nuit 1947? Believe me, they look good together!

This is a pathetic attempt at a swatch picture. Reason why I rarely show you any. 
It does not look that orange in real life nor does my skin look so pink. 

This is my first Dior lipstick in years... For some reason I had kind of let go preferring Chanel but Grège 1947 is a great reminder of how much I used to love them, after all my first ever lipstick was Dior. It was a shimmery bubble gum pink... To my defence, I was 19 and it was all the rage at that time, along with dark tans. Thank God I didn't fall for the tan!

Do you remember the color of your very first lipstick?

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