Thursday, November 7, 2013

Essie Sable Collar / Review...

Part of the new Winter 2013 Collection, Shearling Darling that's starting to pop up here and there, Sable Collar is not my usual type of color but it had just enough purple in it for me to totally want to try it. Described as a cocoa plum, although I see a bit of grey in it, two coats are all you'll need to get a nice streak less metallic finish.

Wait what??? Metallic finish?

Ok I'm not a fan of metallic and I must admit that in a way Sable Collar looks better in the bottle than on my nails BUT like I said, it does have that nice plum to it that make me like it. In fact to my great surprise I like it a lot.

Right, after 3 days with no top coat. Left with top coat. Notice the purple in the bottle. 
Sadly it doesn't look the same on nails but it still is a very nice color.

The formula went on super smoothly. I doubt one would be satisfied with just one coat although it is thick enough for an even application. Since I'm no expert I did need to go for seconds to even out the finish.

Although it does have that metallic finish it's not that super shiny the day after so a top coat is required to give it it's full depth otherwise if falls a bit flat as you may have noticed on the above pictures.

As with most of Essie's nail polishes I've tried so far, you should get a good four days out of it on it's own. With a top coat, I'd say six with a little tip wear. Now of course this depends on your daily activities. I don't put my hands in water much but do A LOT of typing!

Essie Shearling Darling Collection, 

From left to right:

Toggle To The Top, a bright red packed with red glitter

Shearling Darling, a deep burgundy creme

Warm & Toasty Turtleneck, described as a wisteria pink, a pretty dusty purple creme

Sable Collar, as seen above

Parka Perfect, a pretty dusty blue with light shimmer

Mind Your Mittens, a dark diamond teal creme

As you may have guessed, you really have to see these colors in person because pictures on the web don't do them justice. In real life, Shealing Darling and Parka Perfect are darker and Mind Your Mittens is more vivid.

What do you think metallic nail colors? Do you like them?

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