Monday, November 25, 2013

NARS Fairy's Kiss Eyeshadow Palette...

Finally my first NARS eyeshadows!

I picked up this little gift to myself on my first day of work during my lunch break! Did I mention I was in trouble having Sephora and The Bay next door to my new work place?

Now this time I didn't take any chances and took my pictures in the store at the NARS counter! Since the days are shorter I knew that I wouldn't be able to do this at home and there was now way I was going to wait an entire week before using it.

This is my first encounter with NARS eyeshadows and right from the get go I knew we would get along just fine! Ever since it came out I sooo wanted it! The colors are just perfect for my green eyes and I love the smart combination of shimmers and mattes.

On the picture above you get a very good idea of the colors. The only one I haven't played with so far is the dark grey on the lower right corner because I've been wearing these for work and didn't want to overdo it. It's a good shadow to line the eyes with but I prefer to use a gel liner to make sure it'll last all day.

Can I just say that I chose a good one!!!

My favorite combination? The top middle sparkly beige all over lower lid, defined with the upper right purple blended with a little of the lower left light lilac. The middle lower dark grey I've used under my gel liner. It kind of makes the line darker and give a "wow" effect!

The upper left light pink I've used on my upper lids. This is the one that in my view gives this palette its name! I call it Pixie Dust! It's soooo pretty! It gives the most gentle glittery effect and to my amazement there's barely any fall out which is surprising for this type of shadow. It's pinkish in the pan but looks almost skin toned on skin. It's not an in your face glitter it's Pixie Dust! Really!

I don't know if NARS consulted with Tinker Bell for this one but I'm telling you it's perfect!

The texture...

They go on like a dream, highly pigmented and no fall out! I'm really impressed at how nice they are to use. One would expect the matte shades to be somewhat cakey but they are not. Of these six, the light lilac on the bottom left corner is the hardest but it's still quite easy to work with. The two dark mattes are on the soft side and so you need to proceed with caution. Do a few passes on your hand with your brush first to see how it goes. The intensity you get will depend on the type of brush you use for the lighter shades but the dark ones, well they are dark so again, do a few tests. What you see is pretty much what you get.

Lasting power...

I've used Fairy's Kiss eyeshadows with NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and they stay put from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm! No creasing and barely any fading. Actually I'm not even sure that there is fading. It's kind of hard to evaluate these days with the lighting but if I look in the same mirror with the same light in the evening as what I used in the morning to apply my makeup, it truly looks the same!

I haven't tried them without the primer but I do think they would still perform well just because of the feel of them.

These are my first NARS eyeshadows but they surely won't be my last. This palette which is great for green eyes can actually make any eye color pop and the fact that there is a warm medium beige in it makes it suitable for practically any skin tone.

This was a limited edition launched for fall but it's still out there and definitely worth a second look.

For me, it's a winner!

Have you tried NARS eye shadows?

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