Monday, December 23, 2013

Beautiful Compacts, Vol. 2...

Hi! My name is Hélène (aka Icaria) and I'm addicted to... Compacts!

Ouf! Now I feel better! I've said it!

They say that admitting an addiction is the first step on the road of recovery, don't they?

Ever since I was a little girl I've been intrigued by them and whenever I had the chance, would grab my mom's double sided mirror compact from her purse, look at myself and imagine I was famous and beautiful like Sophia Loren or Anouk Aimée. Oh and grown up too! :)

Schoolgirl Primping
Saturday Evening Post cover, September 10, 1921
Paul Stahr (1883-1953)

Fast forward many, many years and I have grown up to become a full blown compact lover/addict. No more intrigued I just love to take out a nice one from my purse to discretely reapply my lipstick! I don't use them to put on a complete face makeup in the metro but the small gesture of taking a pretty powder compact out of my purse to have a quick look is pure joy for me, really!

These past few weeks with all the beautiful holiday collections displayed at different cosmetics counters, I've been drooling at a few beautiful options but this time decided to go for content instead of look. I was a little disappointed that Guerlain decided to use the same compact for both Crazy Terracotta and Crazy Météorites but I really wanted those powders and I have no regrets. Since these where my big splurge I've had to pass on some beauties but since they're not all limited editions I guess I can wait a bit.

What makes a compact worthy of consideration for me? It has to look good of course, sturdy, must close shut either with a magnet or have the gentle click of a good quality clasp and it definitely has to have a bit or weight. The product inside must be up to par with the packaging. I guess that last bit is a no brainer unless you decide to go for a double sided mirror.

It's understandable that some will not want to spend over $50.00 for a powder compact. Beautiful ones are indeed expensive but most will last longer then their more budget friendly counterparts. In some cases the powder disappears in no time and in others, well it's the packaging that just isn't good. After a few months of use they either don't close shut anymore or they flat out break!

Finely milled, tightly pressed powder in a good quality compact will last and last. You just can't beat quality!

Here are a few to consider...

Guerlain Météorites refilable compact $140.00

Chanel Les Beiges $60.00 and Chanel Poudre Universelle $50.00

Guerlain Crazy Météorites $82.00 and Diorskin Forever $43.00

Estée Lauder Aries Compact $55.00 and Year of the Horse $138.00
These are limited editions.

These two below are compact foundations...

 Chanel Vitalumière Compact Douceur, $66.00

Givenchy Teint Couture, $61.00

Ultimate splurges...

These two below are both over $200.00 CAD. Clé de Peau and Serge Lutens offer these stunning compacts and I must say the first I've seen and swatched and the powder is indeed dreamy as for the second, it's a complete mystery.

Clé de Peau

Serge Lutens

The one I'm still in love with and use everyday...

Givenchy Le Prisme Visage $52.00, reviewed here.

If you were wondering why I titled this entry Beautiful Compacts, Vol. 2, well it's because I did one last year. Most of the ones shown on it (yes there are repeats) are still available and the prices haven't changed much. The only compact that's on it's way out as far as I know is the more affordable version of Guerlain Météorites shown. You can view this first edition, here.

Erm... I don't think this entry has helped me with my addiction one bit! I'm eying both Chanel Vitalumière and Les Beiges and let's not forget that next spring there will be new bronzers!!! Did you know I was addicted to bronzers too? Oh well, I guess I'll just have to face the fact that there's no way out for me and I'll just have to live with it!

How about you? Is a beautiful compact a must and if so which is your favorite? 

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