Friday, December 20, 2013

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey...

This in a way is a bit of a repost from an entry I wrote back in April, here.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey...

I have fallen in love with it... Again!

In case you didn't know, Black Honey came out in 1971 and it's not for nothing that it received a sort of cult following right from the start. This is truly the perfect berry lip color for everyone! Sheer but buildable for a more noticeable pout, the texture is balmy with no taste and fades evenly leaving behind a bit of a stain effect so even if it's gone you still have some color on your lips.

I kid you not, every woman can wear it! From the palest to the darkest complexion, it's extremely flattering due to the fact that it's on the warm side and somehow seems to get cooler if you make it darker. It truly is the weirdest thing.

As many of you know, I'm more of a nudish/neutralish lipstick color wearer but recently there have been days where I felt I needed a bit more color. Ok I haven't crossed over to the "bright lipstick side" yet but I guess I've been making baby steps and this is for me one step in if not the bright direction at least the darker one. I used to wear them a lot ages ago and I guess I'm slowly getting back my groove sort of speak. :)

Since the one I had was not worthy of keeping in my purse I've decided to put it in my Office Emergency Makeup Bag and purchased a new one. I do like the look of the Almost Lipstick packaging! What can I say, I've always loved silver. It's not luxurious and it doesn't have that satisfying click when you put the cap back on but it does fit tightly meaning it'll stay put and that is a big plus compared to my old one. At $19.00 my take is we should all have one in our purses! Really!

If you stop by Clinique counter and just look at it without swatching it you may be scared of it! It's dark, really dark (impossible for me to photograph properly) but try in on your hand and you will see, it's a beautiful basic color to own.

For swatches I'll refer you to my original post mentioned at the beginning of this entry. I know they are a bit pathetic but I did try this week to get better ones and it was a no go. It seems like I have the weirdest skin color on the planet, either too orange or too pink!

So you wanna know how much love this little wonder it getting? Just have a look at some of the reviews on Makeup Alley! It gets a 4.1 out if 5 lippies for 1135 reviews!!!

Is there a lipstick you always keep in your purse?

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