Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Office Emergency Makeup Bag...

Little essentials to have handy, to avoid panic!

One of the differences between men and women? Beside a briefcase if they have one, men leave home with only their keys and cell phones in the morning while women, many anyway, will want to carry around their entire makeup collection and pharmacy essentials.

There was a time when I had no other choice than to do this. Working as a makeup artist and having to go to different venues or stores all the time, I had to be ready for almost anything. Then when I had to travel, my bag had to be light and so everything in it had to have a purpose. I learned early on to travel light.

We all know that mornings can get crazy! I've never forgotten to put on mascara but lipstick, yes. Weird since I usually carry at least five in my purse. Ibuprofen for that headache, dental floss to get rid of the bits of spinach from the salad I had for lunch and dryer sheets for static cling are some of the things I keep if not with me, in my office drawer. For makeup, promotional sized and drugstore brands are perfect for this. There's no way I'll leave my Givenchy compact at the office!

These days when I see women with huge purses filled to capacity it makes me smile. They could make their lives so much simpler if they were a little more organised. Now do know that I'm not the most practical person and at the moment my house is total chaos but handbag and office drawer have to be top notch!

The makeup bag I chose came with an Estée Lauder Gift With Purchase. 
Not the prettiest, I did think about buying one but then figured it would do fine. 

What's in my emergency bag?

Ever been stuck at the office with a broken nail and nothing to smooth out the edges? Or wearing new shoes and in desperate need of one or several bandages? I have and it ain't fun having to run (unless feet hurt) to the drugstore for stuff you know you have plenty of at home. Even if you only have a tiny space to call your own at work there is a way to keep a few essentials that you may never have any need for but if you do, well, you'll be thankful, believe me!

Biotherm hair brush (seen folded, I've had this for ages), Twinings tea bags (Chai, Darjeeling and hidden under is my favorite Blackcurrent), 2 dryer sheets in a little ziplock (to fight static on clothes and the fragrance will not get annoying given they're sealed in their own plastic bag), a couple of bandages, TBS Honeymania lip balm, Estée Lauder sample double whammy concealer and Sumptuous mascara, Avon's Mark double sided glosses, Crabtree & Evelyn Aromatherapy stick, a small deodorant, compact mirror with a magnifying side, samples of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire and Dior J'adore, Bourjois blush in Rose Ambré, Rimmel lipstick Kate in 08, Dental floss and a pair of tweezers.

Already at work, small size of Caudalie Huile Divine, Vichy hand cream, nail file and Advil.

The dryer sheet bit is something I learned years ago. I can't remember if it was someone who told me about this or if I read it somewhere but in winter it can be more than useful. If like me you like wearing light fabrics you know what static cling can do. By gently rubbing a dryer sheet on your garment it will help neutralize it! Much better and more convenient than those cans of Static Guard they used to sell. I don't even know if that stuff is still available. These I've used today in fact. The colder it gets outside, the more static cling you get indoors, especially due to nylon coats.

Crabtree & Evelyn Aromathology Pulse Point Balm is also another item I've had for years and sadly I don't think it's still available. It's an oil with a pepperminty smell that you apply to pulse points for relaxation. Soothing when you smell it, it helps with headaches but more importantly it helps me calm down if I get in a bad place. Dealing with people can sometimes be quite aggravating and this has been a godsend in the past.

I have reviewed Caudalie Huile Divine last summer and what I thought would happen indeed did! It's perfect to help tame the static I get in my hair from my coat and scarf. One spray, I rub my hands together and run my fingers through the length of my hair. No more static cling and fresh smelly hair. I rub the top of my hands with what's left. Perfect!

Everything fits and I still have room to spare!

I don't know about you but me I hate having to ask others for anything and I'm one of those people who likes to be ready for any situation or in this case, little emergencies.

The only thing that's missing is a little kit of thread with a needle. For some reason I can't find the one I had so it's on my list. You never know when a button will pop!

Do you have a little emergency bag/kit?

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