Monday, December 2, 2013

Chanel Ombres Matelassées Charming...


Chanel Ombres Matelassées, Charming...

I've purchased this little beauty two weeks ago and haven't had the chance to sit and write about it until now! I'm really going to have to get my schedule straight!

This palette has been under my radar for quite some time now having seen pictures of it in late August and I think I knew then it would be one of my holiday gifts to myself especially after my great experience with Chanel Mystère from the fall collection. I've also read somewhere that Lisa Eldridge has been using this one almost exclusively since last spring and given her reputation it kind of made it a sure buy for me.

Part of the Nuit Infinie Collection out for the holidays, created to express the magic and mystery of an endless festive night. From it I've already brought you Illusion d'Ombre #837 Fatal which I'm totally obsessed with and I'm still considering the blush of the collection in Accent... I do already have Guerlain Crazy Terracotta so I'll have to see how different they are from swatching in the store. Then again I've mentioned seeing pictures of up and coming spring collections and so the reasonable thing to do would be keeping my pennies for those.

Looking for a good basic everyday eye shadow palette? Look no more, Chanel Charming just might be the one!

This is not a wild in your face kind of color selection. Nothing highly original here but the combination of beautiful neutral somewhat satiny mattes a little on the cool side with a stunning glittery gold to warm everything up, Chanel Charming is the perfect combination of color to create either a natural no fuss makeup look or an all out vampy smokey eye! 

Really! I'm not kidding!

Just look at it!

I've been playing with these beautiful eye shadows embossed with the classic Chanel pattern almost exclusively ever since it came home with me and I'm pleased at how well they perform. Smooth, easily blendable with no fall out! What more could I ask for?

As you can see the colors vary a little depending on the lighting, on the bottom picture they appear slightly warmer but it's the top picture that's the truest.

I haven't used the sponge applicators but the little brush is of nice quality, of course it's Chanel! With these I've used a standard eye shadow brush that's pretty much on the medium side as far as softness is concerned along with a pencil brush. I would think that with the sponge applicators you would probably have a bit of extra powder.

What I've been doing most is use the second beige from the left as an all over base. Some days I've used the gold all over my lids, defined on the outer corners with the dark brown and use the dark plum as a liner. The light shadow, I've used a few times close to my eyebrows for an illuminating effect. This combination is on the vampy side. I've also used the medium beige alone with either the dark brown or the dark plum applied lightly on the outer edges of the lids for a simple day look.

Really the combinations are numerous and totally depends on you.

How does Chanel Ombres Matelassées Charming perform? Beautifuly!

Since I've purchased NARS Pro-Prime I haven't applied eye makeup without it so I can't comment on how they will perform without a primer but with this one they stayed on all day with no fading!

Do I recommend this palette? Yes!

That's unless you already have dupes of these since as I've said they are fairly classic colors. The reason why I do recommend it is the fact that they are in one compact and perfect to carry around if for instance you have to glamour up you look from daytime to evening if you're going to a Christmas party right after work. It's also the perfect combo to take with you for a get away weekend.

Ok so now I wish I had somewhere to go to! Really!!!

Chanel Ombres Matelassées in Charming are a limited edition and from what I could see when I purchased mine, this palette seems to sell fast so if you're tempted don't wait too long.

Have you made a major indulgence recently?

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