Monday, December 16, 2013

Chanel Le Vernis, Cosmic...

I don't own this one, my daughter Catherine does! Her first Chanel beauty item and you can read about how this came about, here.

So as I've mentioned, after showing her pictures of it I saw on a blog I purchased it for her. She did wear it that week but it didn't take long for it to be ruined due to the fact she plays guitar at school. It had nothing to do with the formula.

Yesterday I decided to give it a go myself. Do note that this is not my kind of color at all!!! I like dark vampy but this is a little too much for me. It's black! The last time (the only time in fact) I wore a black nail polish was more than 15 years ago and it was for... Halloween!!!

Ok it was a cream, flat ordinary black, a l'Oréal special edition and in no way it could compare to Cosmic but still, this is a tough color to wear for me.

Chanel Le Vernis in Cosmic on Catherine's nails was positively stunning but the lighting in the house was just too horrible and it was a little too cold to try to take pictures outside. She has played nail model for me once, here, and so think about this color on her. She has the perfect nail shape for it. It's a gorgeous black with the tiniest bluish glitter that when they catch light give the impression that nails are "creating" light, if that makes sense. It's not flat but it's not glittery either and I find that the glitter is somewhat different, smaller than Diorific Minuit and Frimas.

Looking at Cosmic, think about when you look at the sky at night, at the stars! If you forgo the North Star and zoom in onto the furthest ones and start "detailing" them, well, you get pretty much the same effect as with Chanel Le Vernis in Cosmic!

I know, I know, some will say it's not black but more like a very dark smokey grey. I've read Cosmic described as such somewhere but to me, well , it's black! A smart one but a black none the less.

See what I mean about the Cosmos? This is a close up of the bottle.

Like the stars the glitter is not white, it's a faint blue and this is what makes it so stunning! In fact it's so unique that it's one of the hardest nail polishes I've had to photograph!

This is the best I could do! I think you can see that the glitter is quite fine and blue.

The formula...

A dream!!! While the first coat looked kind of weird and sheer, the second went on super easily and leveled everything up. The finish is just plain fantastic! What you see on the picture above are two coats with no top coat. Super shiny right? Now imagine it with a gel top coat!

As mentioned this is not my kind of color and this one belongs to Catherine. I don't think I'll be able to wear it this entire week because it make my hands look hard, a little like someone with black hair if you know what I mean. I simply wanted to show it to you because this is a limited edition available now at Chanel counters.

If this is your kind of color, don't waste any time and do get it because it's just plain beautiful!

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