Sunday, December 8, 2013

Diorific 318 Frimas / Review...

This nail polish from Dior's  Golden Winter Collection Holiday 2013 seems to be the forgotten one! There's little mention of it and not that many reviews.

Diorific 318 Frimas...

Honestly, it's not my type of color. I'm usually all about vampy nails but on my first new job week, on the second day to be exact, I broke a nail! That was not the end of the world really since I'm not that obsessed about my hands but, I did have to do my manicure again. I know, I know I could have redone only that nail but I do like to make my life more complicated! :)

I ended up switching from Diorific Minuit to Essie Sable Collar, another dark color.

Not a good idea if you want to be quick about a mid week mani! I did mention that I wasn't an expert "applicationer" didn't I?

This is when I started to think about getting a nude shade.

I don't like nude on nails so why would I bother? Because they're much easier to do a gook looking mani in almost one go. Meaning that even if the cleaning up part isn't perfect, it doesn't show as much as with dark nail polishes.

Since I'm absolutely in love with Diorific Minuit I decided to give Frimas a second look!

Just so you know the pictures below were taken after one full week of wear!!! I did my nails on Sunday night and took these pictures on Saturday morning. Little tip wear, especially on my index finger, this nail polish did an amazing job.

This is under warm lighting when you can see the subtle glitter.

It's a beautiful beige with pink undertones that can look like a dusty pink under some lighting with some of the same smart glitter as in Minuit. Not as stunning but Frimas definitely has style and unlike some metallics it doesn't fall flat and you don't get any brush strokes. Instead it almost seems as if a soft light is coming from within. This is of course when you look at it up close. No one in the metro will notice this and if you start looking at your nails people will be thinking you're one weird dudette! Better not do that!

This is how it kind of looks in the metro under cooler lighting.
No I didn't take a picture of my nails in the metro! :)

How did it perform? Amazing!

It's the same formula as Minuit and two coats make it perfect, even more so than it's dark counterpart which can appear a little shear if application is uneven. These nail polishes grip the nails like no others and they dry fast. I waited about 5 minutes before applying the second coat and I believe 10 more minutes would have been enough for it to be completely dry but to be on the safe side I waited 30. I wore it this entire week and didn't bother with a base coat, I never do actually. I've applied a top coat 2x, first on Sunday night right after the second coat was dry enough and the second on... Saturday morning! I took it off on Sunday afternoon.

That's from Sunday to Sunday!!!

I think I would have liked Frimas to be one shade lighter but I won't complain since the tenacity of it makes it an excellent mid week mani option to take me right through to the week end, for when I have more time to have a go at a more "my kind" of color.

Diorific Frimas will not become a favorite but rather a "color of convenience" and I do think we all need one of those. A darker nude Frimas in my view, would be flattering for most skin tones except maybe very dark ones unless it's paired with specific clothing colors.

Long wear, smart dimension thanks to the gentle micro glitter, Diorific Frimas is definitely a good nail polish to own if not to wear every week, at least as a mid week replacement.

Do go have a look at it before it's gone for this is a limited edition.

What do you think about nude nail polishes? Like or no like?    

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