Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guerlain Crazy Météorites...

Oh quelle folie!!!

This wasn't planned I swear!

Guerlain Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder...

If you've never tried a Guerlain powder before, if you've been somewhat intimidated by their fabulous Météorites Pèrles well now is the time to take the plunge and you better make it quick before this special edition is gone!

The compact version of Crazy Météorites is one of the most perfect finishing powder there is at the moment.

When I say it wasn't planned it truly wasn't.

My intent was to get Crazy Terracotta and be done with it but then...

... Several of my bloggerette friends started to post entries about this and their reviews were all extremely positive and their beautiful pictures made it almost impossible for me to resist. Argh!!! I already have Météorites Travel Touch in Mythic (not reviewed yet) which has become after one application a favorite and in fact in my opinion it should actually be called "Perfect Touch". Although Travel Touch is indeed perfect it's not very convenient to carry in one's purse since I have the loose version.

Guerlain's holiday 2013 is called Crazy Paris and on both Crazy Terracotta and Crazy Météorites compacts you find the number 68 for Guerlain's Champs Élisées address (thanks again Sunny!). My only criticism is the compacts themselves. Although it's quite perfect for Crazy Terracotta, they could have created something different for Crazy Méréorites. It would have been smashingly beautiful had it been black like the Crazy Pèrles.

The beautiful pattern of Météorites Crazy Pearls Illuminating Powder - Pure Radiance,
 black lacquered metal case with a touch of hot pink! $67.00 CAD

To please loyal fans, the cult pearls offer a play on their legendary combination of six shades: beige and rosy beige to even out the skin, mauve to refresh, white to light up, gold to illuminate and pink for a healthy glow. The subtly pearly Météorites light up the face with a delicately satiny halo, discreetly perfumed with the inimitable powdery violet trail. 
In a wild decoration the letters “Champs-Élysées” dance in full colour, and seemingly in three dimensions, all around the black lacquered metal case.* 

The difference between the Crazy Pèrles and the compact? The Crazy Pèrles Illuminating Powder like the name points to, have a little extra light to them creating more of an illuminating effect. In other words they create a more shiny look but not to the point that one's face would look like a disco ball. The compact adds a more natural softness to the skin in other words a light radiance, which I personally find it more appropriate for daytime. The finish looks beautiful under any lighting and is quite subtle. I know this may appear a little confusing since illuminating and light radiance are similar adjectives but believe me they are not the same and you truly do have to try these on your skin to see the subtle difference.

Why is this one so worth it?

The delicate beautiful finish it provides would be enough for me but there's more. The light violet fragrance makes it a joy to use in the morning especially when it's cloudy/snowy/cold outside and... The price!

$82.00 CAD

Wait what? The price???

Well, this is in a way the "cheap" version of Météorites Voyage. Have you ever seen the original compact? A beauty! I think I could actually sell a kidney for it if scalpels frighten me so much!

This compact goes for $170.00 USD!!! 

Ok it's refillable so you will have it for a long time but like I said, I'd have to let go of a relatively useful organ to get it, or, win the lottery! This beauty along with Estée Lauder's Ru Yi, is quite simply one of the ultimate makeup splurge readily available. Did you know I had a thing for Beautiful Compacts?

Météorites Voyage, the quintessence of colour-blending expertise is revealed in an exceptional case to reproduce the purest radiance on the skin. A blend of matte and pearly shades, an ingenious mixture of six correcting or light-enhancing colours to deliver the purest radiance to all complexions: pink to refresh the complexion, green to diminish redness, white for a brighter complexion, mauve to catch the light, gold and pearl to add a perfect touch of radiance to the face…**

The pattern of Crazy Météorites Radiance Powder compact is not as intricate as Voyage but I think that on skin you'd have to look at yourself in a magnifying mirror all day to really see the difference. The finish of Mythic is slightly pinker and has a little more subtle glitter to it. As mentioned I have the loose version of it and although I can detect a little more "lightness" with Mythic, Crazy does a beautiful job in the radiance department. Some say it's more vibrant due to the pink but this I believe actually depends on the lighting. If I were to stop and think hard about the difference between them, looking at myself in a normal mirror, I'd say Mythic makes my skin look a little paler than Crazy but honestly, the difference is extremely subtle.

On the right you can have a better idea of the gold but the pink the colors are actually more true on the right.

Quite a "Crazy" splurge but given the fineness of this powder it'll take sometime before I hit pan on this one. I believe that just like Crazy Terracotta, this version of Météorites should also be part of Guerlain's regular line up. Oh and don't be fooled by the flatness of the picture, you really have to see this one in person to be able to appreciate it's true beauty.

To revive winter complexions and sweep away dullness, Guerlain gives a “crazy” tangy pink, in its limited-edition Météorites compact powder to creating a radiant and glowing effect.
The original gradation of the legendary shade 01 revived with pink, to refresh dull complexions and offer a beautiful springtime glow.***

Crazy Terracotta and Crazy Météorites come in the same compact and in the same black velvet pouch with pink stitching on the openings and the Guerlain name embossed on them. A little annoying when you own both since in the morning I never know which is which!

Ok, ok, I won't cry over that especially since I use both anyway! :)

I prefer to play it with a soft blush brush instead of a big face one for a more precise application. No fall out whatsoever, just like for Crazy Terracotta. These powders are so finely milled and tightly pressed that you may have the impression that nothing is going on your skin but believe me, they do show up.

I do believe that once you've tried a Guerlain powder there will be no turning back! Really!

Guerlain Crazy Météorites with it's "Spring time glow" is in my book one not to miss and boy am I ready for warmer days!

What was your most recent big beauty splurge?

*, **, ***: as per Guerlain website.

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