Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marcelle Rouge Xpression in Jezebel / Review

As you will see, I've taken full advantage of this first Marcelle purchase. Sorry, I just couldn't resist...

Remember Colette Valois the French airline stewardess from the short lived ABC television series Pan Am? I was so disappointed when it was taken off the air but at the same time not surprised. If a show doesn't break records in it's first weeks, this network gives up. This was a smart program that didn't include murders and police chases so I guess this was part of it's downfall.

Back to Colette who was in fact played by French Canadian Karine Vanasse. It was so cool to see a Quebecer on an American series even if it was just for a short period. Super talented, she held her own and still is since she has landed the lead in 30 Vies, produced in Montreal which started on January 7th.

Karine Vanasse as Colette Valois

On top of her acting successes, it was announced last week that she was selected to be the new face for Marcelle Cosmetics. Fantastic!

I believe this new collaboration will be quite beneficial to help revamp the image of Marcelle. I feel like Marcelle has been around forever, in fact it will be celebrating it's 80th anniversary this year. I was quite surprise to read this on Rae's entry about Marcelle's new face on her blog The Notice. Hypo-Allergenic and Perfume Free, Marcelle has offerings to please just about anyone and I will likely have a second look at their skin care eventually but for now, I'm more interested in their makeup.

My first purchase, Rouge Xpression Lipstick in Jezebel. What's in a name? Let's just say that this one made me smile and so, again, I couldn't resist...

A bit of history 

The name, although that of a queen, is often associated to either controlling or... fallen women! If you go and google her name you will learn that Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who married Ahab (fun to know since the only Ahab I knew was that obsessed captain from Moby Dick and I'm sure this one wasn't has handsome as Gregory Peck), king of the northern part of what is known today as Israel. She convinced her husband to convert from worshiping the Jewish God to instead worship the Phoenician god Baal. It is said that because of her many prophets lost their lives and that on her death bed she not only was dressed in all of her finery and jewellery but also had her makeup done. For that last detail, my kind of girl!

About Rouge Xpression...

The texture is quite creamy, almost balmy. The shade, Jezebel is a matte medium pink lilac. In fact more pink than it seemed when I swatched it at the drugstore. A little light for me this time of year but come spring I'll be glad to have it and change from my more neutral colors. Again, Ray from The Notice has reviewed these in detail and she has provided swatches. You can see one for Jezebel here.

Outside in the cold weather, I found that Jezebel did not fail me as far as protection goes. It's not a balm but the texture is creamy enough to provide some protection. It lasts a little over an hour on my lips but after about three hours I still had a hint of color on my lips and for this I didn't have to apply a thick coat since this  lipstick does provide good color payoff.

Creamy, no scent, no taste. Quite nice for a change. The tube itself looks pretty good. Dark blue with a silver band, it's light and shuts firmly.

Marcelle products are available in drugstores all over Canada. Xpression lipsticks sell for $11.95 but you may want to check out flyers for special. I purchased mine for under $8.00.

Marcelle's Xpression Lipstick

You can view all Marcelle products on their website here.

Karine Vanasse Pan Am from Allo Ciné
Picture for Marcelle, Karine Vanasse Gallery
Xpression Lipstick, Screen capture from Marcelle website


  1. I loved that show, so sad they no longer play it! Really interesting post, thanks for sharing! Marcelle has some really nice products, I become more and more impressed with every purchase! :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it Natalie. I like to sometimes go on rambling. I realy liked that show as well, the clothes where amazing! Like I wrote, I'll be purchasing more of their products since I'm pleased with this l/s and especially the fact that it's a Canadian company. :)

  2. Thanks for the link love! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying your Rouge Xpression -- I'm particularly fond of some of the brighter shades (like Amour and Cleopatra), which I get even better wear out of ;) Still very comfortable, but a good 3-4 hours, easy!

    1. You're very welcome! I almost did go for another brighter color yesterday but since I was in need of a new powder I got their compact which I'll review later. Thank you Rae, for reminding me of this brand. :)

  3. God I loved Pan Am and I was so disappointed when I found out there was not going to be a second season. I don't understand why :(. I really liked Karine's interpretation, her accent, she was among my favorite characters.

    1. I know, I too loved everything about it! They apparently tried to have it picked up to continue production but it didn't work. It would seem it was more popular in Europe. Probably because it was a smart show! :)


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