Monday, January 28, 2013

MAC Archies Girl's Collection, Spring 2013

Update: Now available online through MAC website here.

With a $90.00 purchase you get an Archie's girl pin, no code necessary.
Free standard shipping with $65.00 purchase or more.

A blast from the past!!! This I am really truly excited about!

Glowing up I read so many of these...

Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica cover from 1951, My Comic Shop

... But the one thing I never understood was why they where both so fixed on Archie? Let's be honest, he's not that handsome, is he? I used to love Betty, the perfect blond but would always feel sorry for Veronica, the spoiled little rich girl. Could be because she was the dark haired one and I identified with her more.

Each girl has her own color collection composed of lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, pigments, pencils mascaras, powders and nail lacquers.

I find the colors chosen for each character are quite representative or their respective personalities. While Betty has the girl next door style, Veronica's is more "vampish". Betty's lean towards soft and neutral shades. Veronica, well like her, they are more noticeable, more dramatic.

MAC Archies Girls Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Betty Caramel Sunday Eyeshadow palette and Cream Soda Blush
Veronica Spoiled Eyeshadow palette and Prom Princess Blush

MAC Archies Girls Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Betty Pigments in Lucky in Love & Cheers My Dear
Veronica Pigments in Blackened Teal & Blackened Pink 
Betty Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliner in Black Swan & Lord It Up
Veronica Pearl Glide Intense Eyeliner in Designer Purple & Petrol Blue

MAC Archies Girls Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me for Betty and Veronica's Blush for Veronica

MAC Archies Girls Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Betty's Lipsticks: Oh, Oh, Oh, Betty Bright & Girl Next Door
Veronica's Lipsticks: Boyfriend Stealer, Daddy's Little Girl & Ronnie Red

MAC Archies Girls Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

MAC Archie's Girls Lip Glass
Betty: Kiss & Don't Tell, Summer Sweetheart & Stay Sweet
Veronica: Feelin' So Good, Mall Madness & Strawberry Malt

They also each have their own nail lacquers as well as mascaras. To complete the collection they share accessories like a coin purse, tote, a mirror as well as a makeup bag. The item I find most exciting, the Brush Set! White with little red hearts, I love it!

MAC Archies Girls Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

This collection is fun and in my opinion, truly captures the essence of the comic books. Again I'll be looking at the Brush Set more closely as well as at a few items from Veronica's colors.

MAC Archie's Girls Collection will be available online on MAC's website starting January 31st. There is a February 7th launch date for stores and counters but I'm not sure this includes Canada. International availability will be in March.

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