Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brand Availability Frustration!

I know that we are relatively lucky here to have access to so many outstanding brands. You would think with department stores, drugstores, Sephora, beauty salons and other beauty supply stores that we would be pretty much covered. In a way we are but we are still missing out on a lot of great brands and some of the ones we have access to aren't complete.

For example, Sephora only carries Illamasqua's nail polishes but there are no plans to introduce the makeup line. Shiseido has a cake eye liner/eyebrows compact that I have yet to find in stores. Omorovicza, an exclusive skin care line is only available in Toronto for the time being. These are just some of the items I thought of quickly but there are so many more.

You're all set if you order online but me I want to physically see, smell and swatch what I buy.

Today I opened a newsletter I subscribe to from a French website. They where raving about a new Nivea body milk that can be used in the shower. You wash, rinse, apply this lotion all over, rinse again and you're done! I want this!

I didn't look at all the different websites but I could only see this on the French access of In fact, it seems that France is quite spoiled when it comes to Nivea. They have several products that are not sold in North America. Grrr!

They also have what appears to be a very nice cleansing oil for shower...

Not available either!

This is really frustrating. I understand that some products may have been developed for certain markets but when you see one like the Shower Oil shown above that has received a Victoire de la Beauté, this is like a Consumers Report for beauty related products, one would think it would be launched worldwide. It's really disappointing not to have access to it. A big corporation like Beirsdorf should be able to export more of their offerings.

Nivea's slogan is: Touch and be touched

I want to touch these! I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope they will launch in North America.

Are there products you wish you had access to?

Screen captures from Nivea France


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