Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drew Barrymore's Flower Cosmetics

What has Drew Barrymore been up to? Having a baby and developing her own line of cosmetics of course! In fact, she was on the cover of the January issue of Allure magazine wearing colors from her new brand.

Pretty, fresh and very feminine it's now available at Walmart in the US.

What's in a name?

From what I've read some think Flower as a name isn't all that. I must admit I love it and find it's a brilliant one!

It opens the door to so many name possibilities, not only flowers themselves but gardens, bouquets and quotes. Did you know that in Victorian time a man had to be careful about which flowers to send to a lady? This was not only due to the limited selection of flowers but also to the fact that people communicated more with symbols and gestures. Unless it was clearly known that a chosen flower was the lady's favorite, the wrong message could easily be sent. They all had a specific meaning for example, lilac was for first love, gardenia meant joy and hibiscus meant delicate beauty. The type of flower had a meaning and so did the color in fact they still do we just have forgotten about them. For example we all know that red roses mean passion but did you know that pink means friendship and white is for purity. The same goes for tulips, purple for royalty and yellow for hopelessly in love...

Flower. It's definitely a smart name!

In this new line of makeup we can already notice a nice name play...

Some of Flower's offerings, BB Creams, Lipsticks that look like little flower vases, 
Eye Shadow Quad in Face the Grey, Blush Bronzer Duo in Sunkissed & Single

...and they are fun, like So Gladiola High Shine Lipstick and Morning Glory Velvet Lipstick; Blue Lagoon Eyeshadow Quad or Wild Geranium Crème eye shadow.

Hopefully they will get to Canada, fast! I would love to try Win Some Rouge Some Crème Blush in Pure Petunia, the color Drew wore for her Allure cover. It looks like such a "happy" color, as does So Gladiola Lipstick.

Rouge Some Crème Blush in Pure Petunia

It's not everyday that a new cosmetic line is launched and this one has such a pretty presentation. Knowing that Drew Barrymore wanted good formulas to be readily available to everyone is what makes it so appealing.

Let's hope it crosses the border soon! I would love to get some Flower if not for Valentine's Day, Easter maybe?

Picture of Drew Barrymore, Flower
Screen capture of Crème Blush, Walmart
To learn more about the meaning of flowers, see About Flowers

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