Saturday, January 12, 2013

Give Your Feet Some Love!

For the longest time I've overlooked foot care in Winter. My feet where almost always covered so why bother? For the past several years I've been wearing flip flops in the house so I've had to make a few changes. Yes, in Winter! Unless it's a very cold day, I just can't stand wearing anything else This means that they are exposed and even if I don't always wear nail polish I don't want them to look neglected. There's also the fact that I don't like "hearing" them when I have to put on socks in the morning. To avoid this, here's what I do...

On a daily basis...

Every other day I use a foot file at the end of my shower on humid feet (I know, I know it's suppose to be used on dry skin but on me it does nothing). I rarely moisturize in the morning since nothing I put on them has time enough to penetrate before I get dressed. What I do is wash my feet again at night and then moisturize. The treatment of choice? That will depend on the state of "screechiness" they are in. Very often I will simply use my body moisturizer.

Unrefined shea butter
Available at health food stores and some drugstores, this is a great inexpensive product to deeply moisturize any dry spot. It's truly great for cuticles.

Coconut oil
Basic also, yet very effective for moisture. You can even mix a small quantity of coconut oil with brown sugar to make a delicious smelling scrub. This can easily be use all over your body but careful, not on your face.

Eucerin Smoothing Foot Cream 10% Urea
I discovered this last year. Unscented the texture may seem light but it does provide deep moisture. At about $12.00 if I remember correctly, it's quite affordable.

Vichy Podexine Reconditioning Care for Dry Feet
This is a serious moisturizer. Not really a cream it feels more like a balm. Extra thick, if you use this at night and cover your feet with cotton socks, by morning you should be pretty pleased with the results. Of this I received several samples and found for myself it was a little too thick for every night but this is a fabulous product when your feet need serious pampering.

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream
This is a product I gave up on years ago due to the jar packaging. It was very unpleasant, especially since this is a thick gel like cream. I recently learned that it's been available in a tube for quite some time now. One of the best foot moisturizer I've ever used. It is a little greasy so you need very little and you may even prefer to use this one on the nights when you would wear cotton socks.

Vaseline with Cocoa Butter
Basic and inexpensive, you can get a big tub for under $4.00. It does a pretty good job combined with cotton socks and is great on cuticles. Review here.

The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion
This one you could probably get away with using in the morning. A classic, it's great for light moisture and it's quite refreshing. I know that they've come out with a more moisturizing version, Peppermint Cooling Foot Rescue Treatment but I can't comment on it since I haven't tried it but I thing it may be worth looking into.

Foot care lines to consider...

A German brand, the first company to develop formulas especially aimed at feet. Originally meant for soldiers to bring relief to painful sore feet. Eduard Gerlach came out with his first product in 1882 and the company has continued to produce outstanding foot care formulas. If you do a lot of sports, walk a lot, this is a brand worth looking into.

Dr Scholl
Readily available everywhere, William Mathias Scholl was indeed a real doctor, a podiatrist who started out repairing shoes with his grandfather's cobbler's tools. Although this company originally came out with mainly an array or patented foot care tools, it now has a wide range of foot care products that are excellent and reasonably priced.

Avon Foot Works
Within the same range Avon has two types of foot care. The first is the one I call the fun line that comes out with a few new fragrances every year like for example Vanilla & Brown Sugar, Watermelon, Sugar Lime Mojito and many others that are usually available for a limited time. The second is a more serious foot care line that doesn't change much. Foot soak, deodorant spray and especially their Healthy Cracked Heels cream are all worth a second look. More than affordable, you can often get good deals on these offerings.

Screen captures from: Half-Geek, Burt's BeesAvon
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