Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fruits & Passion Body Butters / Review

Fruits & Passion have boutiques in probably every single mall across Canada. Colorful and inviting, they offer a great selection of products not only to pamper oneself but for the home as well. It's a great place to go to when you have a hostess gift to make, especially when looking at their Cucina collection.

Last time I went there I was looking for a body butter, I was all out and figured why not give Fruits & Passion a go. I had used some of their products in the past and had enjoyed them quite a bit, also, at around $20.00 for a 250 ml jar, they are reasonably priced. My choice, the Olive Body Soufflé... Unscented.

I know, I know, one does not go to Fruits & Passion to get something unscented, but, on that particular day, I was overwelmed by all the different fragrances and figured since this was for evening, any of their other offerings would be too much for me to fall asleep. This was to be used in the evening after all.

Sadly I was very disapointed. It balled up on my skin!

The first night I thought I had used too much, the second night I used less and the third night I applied barely enough cream to cover my legs. Whatever quantity I used, it balled up.

Off it went to the disappointment shelf at the bottom of my night stand!

At least that trip to Fruits & Passion wasn't a total waste. My daughter was with me and in my attempts to get her to like girly things, I bought her an Orange-Cantaloup Eau de fruits and a small size of the Quenching Butter for the body.

She loves them and since the body butter is so highly fragranced, she often dabs just a bit on it on her arms and neck and it's almost as long lasting as the Eau de fruits.

Would I recommend their body butters for moisture? No

Very unpleasant to have a cream ball up on ones skin, I don't understand why they wouldn't modify their formula since I'm certain I'm not the only one with this issue. I have stopped by their shops and sampled others and they all did the same on my arm.

Would I recommend their body butters for fragrance layering? Yes

They have fun fragrances and layering them over their respective body lotion or butter will help make them last all day. For this you may want to get a sample/promotional size since you would use it on arms and neck.

Oh I almost forgot, the Body Butters (the regular sizes) come with a cute little spatula so you don't have to dip your fingers in the jar. Of course I kept it! A little expensive for a spatula but at least my purchase wasn't a total loss! :D

Screen capture of Orange-Cantaloup Eau de fruits from Fruits & Passion website

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