Monday, January 28, 2013

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat / Review

My favorite nail polish these days is Essie's Recessionista from their Fall 2012 Stylenomics Collection. It's a deep burgundy red with plum undertones which I find goes with just about everything. Although it has good staying power it does loose some of it's shine after 2 days or so.

I already had Sally Hansen Mega Shine and having worn it on it's own for a more finished look I figured I might as well give it a try and see how it performs as what it was meant for, a top coat.

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat

From the website:
Dries in just 60 seconds! Advanced formula dries your manicure from top to bottom in just 60 seconds - no more smudges! Fuses and seals all your manicure layers into one powerful protective shield that resists chipping, cracking, peeling and damaging moisture. Micro-diamonds add mirror shine and strenght.
I must admit that I haven't put it to the 60 seconds test since I usually make sure I won't have to use my hands a good 30 minutes, just to be on the safe side. It does give a nice shiny finish but the chipping, I'm not convinced. Oddly enough, when I wear 2 coats of Recessionista without Mega Shine, after a few days I only see a some tip wear but nothing dramatic. When I do apply 1 coat  with Mega Shine, well, the nail polish does chip a little. Nothing dramatic but just enough to notice the difference.

Essie Recessionista is a good formula that lasts an average of 6 days on me on it's own. With Sally Hansen Mega Shine, it can get a few chips but it remains shiny longer. It also works well with Essie Burgundy and Rimmel Burgundy Flirt, the other 2 shades I've been wearing these past few months.

Do I recommend Sally Hansen Mega Shine? Yes & No

Yes because it's so inexpensive, under $10.00 and does an honest job and no because I find it annoying that it picks up color when I apply it. I'm always afraid it will ruin my manicure. In other words, I think if you're used to wear light shades it's fine, on dark ones well, you have to work fast. At least it's much better than Essie's no chips ahead chip free top coat, reviewed here.


Makeup Alley: 3.3 / 5 lippies for 196 reviews
Beauté-test: there are only 2 reviews, giving it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Screen capture from Sally Hansen website
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