Sunday, January 20, 2013

Notable Reads of the Week, vol. 7

Trying to improve... What in the world was I thinking?

Wanting to make my site as user friendly as possible, wanting to share, I put my foot right in it!

Now this got the best of me this week. I wanted to improve my comments section by installing Intense Debate Notification so that other bloggers could leave links to their latest posts. I love the idea of sharing and I know that this here blog is not visited by bloggers alone. Some of you prefer not to leave comments and I totally respect that, I don't always leave them myself. Still I know that sometimes reading one blog leads to another and another and so on. There is such a wealth of great beauty information out there and I'm humbled by the fact that some outstanding ladies visit and leave comments. By having access to their latest entries it enables everyone to get great info.

I installed Intense Debate the night before my blog anniversary this week.

The problem now it that sometimes I can reply to comments and sometimes I cant. What the heck???

I can't reply on my own blog???

I received several lovely congratulatory comments about my anniversary and wanted to respond to all but apparently there's something wrong.

I am not a happy blogger!

This morning I tried to remove it as per the instructions on the Intense Debate website, but by doing so I ended up removing the entire comments section. Brilliant! I had to reinstate the version with Intense Debate.


So for now I'm stuck! I will try to make the time to figure it out. If only I had known about DISQUS which was mentioned to me by Olivia from The Unknown Beauty Blog I might have had less problems. Little note, go have a look at her header, it's something else, those eyes...

Please continue to leave comments for I enjoy them and more than appreciate your feedback. I will try to figure this out this week and hopefully I will be able to save all of them. This is just so sad for me. Why oh why did I do this? Sometimes it is clearly better to leave things as they are.

What caught my attention this week...

MAC Archie's Girls
By British Beauty Blogger. Now this is exciting! This new collection by M.A.C. is fun and brings back so many memories. My favorite was Betty by the way. Even if you're not a M.A.C. enthusiast, do pay Jane a visit at least to see her header. She's been transformed into an Archie's Girl herself. I must admit that I'm quite envious.

Givenchy Le Rouge Complete Line-Up Swatches
Quick Look at Givenchy Le Vernis & Écrin Privé Quad Swatches
By Mostly Sunny. Not only are the presentation of both the lipstick and the nail polishes stunning but so are the colors. The Quad, simply stunning!

Reviews & Swatches: Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks
By The London Beauty Review. A new line of lipstick from this French line. I don't know if they are available in Canada at the moment but I know that I will definitely try at least one.

Not My Grandma's Perfume: Balenciaga's Florabotanica
By Lipstick Rules. A nice and honest review of the new fragrance. Now I really want to try it, plus the presentation is stunning.

Now in Canada!! No Bleeding Lips Secret Liner
By Mom's Makeup Stash, a very interesting product that could come in handy especially for those new bright colored lipsticks.

About memories...

Christian Dior - Eau Sauvage (Vintage Perfume)
By The Non Blond. The fragrance my husband used to wear when we first met. It may well have contributed in the attraction since I've always enjoyed citrus. Well, that alone didn't seal the deal of course. I love seeing these old ads.

My Back Pages: Perfume in Beverly Clearly "Fifteen"
By Tinsel Creation. A look back at the Fifties and the images they projected and for some still do, in our minds. I didn't live them, I wasn't even born but I did get a glimpse through television. In this post, Jessica remembers a book.

Life lessons...

Isn't it Dee-Lightful: What Would You Do?
By Slice, written by Dee Brun, the Cocktail Deeva, the link to this article was tweeted by Jane Daly from Daly Beauty. Years ago I lived a similar situation in a drugstore and I ended up having an argument with the cashier... She didn't want me to pay the difference on an elderly lady's bill. If I remember correctly the amount was a few dollars. The lady was so uncomfortable and yet I could sens so grateful.

What business was it of the cashier to try to prevent me from helping out. It was almost as if she wanted to humiliate the older lady. I returned to the drugstore later that day (it was at walking distance to my house) to see the manager. I told him about the unpleasant incident. Was he really not happy about the behaviour of his employee, I don't know. Not long after, the young woman was no longer working there. I can only hope that she didn't lose her job but realized that she wasn't cut out to this type of work.

I have done it a few other times since, paying it forward, a few pennies, dollars or simply helping someone crossing the street. Think about it, it truly makes one feel good!

Words to live by...


I think I'll have a second cup, after all, it's Sunday!

Image from: The Stencilsmith
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