Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Plot to Take Over MUA?

Here we go.....again!

I have said it before and will probably say it again, we "see" all kind of people on MUA. Like any microcosm of society, we have the shy ones, the rude ones, the I'm better than you ones, the needy ones and then, the ones who just don't know when to quit!

The latest one popped up last week. A member who had, for whatever reason, stopped posting made an almost grand entrance on Skin Care Board. She is now all over the place giving advice, even on subjects she doesn't seem to have any knowledge about. My guess is she's pretty fast on the "google" trigger.

Yesterday morning, while I was at a swim meet for my daughter, I was pleased to see they had Wi-Fi. I opened MUA on my iPad and had a few personal messages only this time they where not about skin care but about Skin Care Board's newest "expert".

I was asked: "This person ******* seems to have taken over the skincare board :) She replies to every post. It's funny actually, because folks like you or ******* or **** don't :) I don't want to call it overbearing, but is there any hope she'll cool off??? "

In good old Internet lingo this made me LOL LOL LOL :D

Here is part of my response: "I wouldn't worry too much, she will eventually disappear once people start realising that either she's wrong or copying other members responses which she has already started to do."

It's the same thing almost every single time.

Either that or when these "know it all" start to be condescending to knowledgeable long standing members they slowly end up being ignored. 

After getting some extra information on a post yesterday she answered this to one of my sweet friends: "Ok Snarky McSnarkerson lol"

The "lol" at the end didn't make it less insulting!

My friend responded with: "I'm not the one being snarky. And no, you're not funny. I'm not lol'ing."

Let's hope she sticks to Makeup Board and forgets Skin Care Board even exists. 

For B, xoxoxo

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